Is Anyone Interested in Person of Interest?

I started watching for Michael Emerson. In large part, I have continued watching for Michael Emerson.

Contrast with Castle, which I started watching because Nathan Fillion was in it, and continued watching because I find just about all the characters interesting.

This is my favorite of the new shows on this season and am thrilled it got picked up for the season. Really enjoying it. I do get a little Jason Bourne/Jack Bauer vibe from Caviezel which is cool, he is definitely a badass. And what’s not to love about Emerson. It’s a procedural, but unique from most procedurals in the way it goes about solving crimes, and the bread crumbs they throw at you about the the main characters pasts keeps the episodes thread together. Also, I do appreciate Caviezel’s bouts with morality, there’s hidden depth to the character that I like gets revealed a little at a time.

Just saw the other nights episode and enjoyed it a lot. Really liked SPOILER Elias (veronica mars’s dad) /SPOILER and hope he has a more recurring role.

Enrico Colantoni is on another show that seems completely immortal (I’m not sure if they’ve already got another season in the can - CBS is really, really weird about how Flashpoint shows in the states versus when it gets to air in Canada), so I’m not sure what his availability will be like later in the season, on account of I don’t know where the two shows shoot. It really does feel like he was set up to be a recurring character (not unlike the woman from the previous episode), and I wouldn’t mind seeing him again.

I really liked the latest episode as well. Elias was a great foil and I’m sure there’s going to be plenty more where that came from. One thing I’d really like to know is what happened to Emerson’s business partner/face man from when he was building the machine? There’s that very brief shot where they show a bust of his head near the entry to Finch’s front company and I think the birth/death years were shown on it, but I’m pretty sure they haven’t said what happened there.

I’m pretty sure you’re going to get something on that before the season is out. You don’t put that scene in without planning to go somewhere with it. I’ll also be mildly surprised if he’s not dead in that same episode because that’s an actual guy who costs money that you’d see in other things, so there’s going to be a certain incentive to get him in and out in one.

Just got caught up on this. What a terrific show! And what an incredible season finale!

I recently got a channel that has this, C More (Former Canal Digital) and they had an entire sunday with it where I had the tv running. Thats a pretty great show! I’ve only watched the first 13 episodes so far, but the only thing that nagged me, is that the special forces guy has a weird way of fighting compared to how we usually see fighting in TV shows. Perhaps its that its more realistic? He does get beaten quite a lot.

Anyways- great show, cant wait to see where they go with it!

So the first episode of season 2 was really good.

Loved the look on Fusco’s face when he was tied up.

The scene in the season 2 premiere with the dog and the Dutch was one of my favorite moments of TV in a while. It was so over the top, so ridiculous – and I don’t necessarily think that’s a bad thing when done right – that I almost wanted to cheer when they took it as far as they did.

I think at this point, they’ve made it clear that they’re not going for realism, that this is kind of a pulpy superhero show with the supergenius sidekick, and I’m cool with that. I’d stopped watching for a while last year, but caught up near the end, and this premiere got me excited to watch the next few weeks.

Only up to S01E11 (great Rear Window references/nods) but finding the show to be pretty repetitive, albeit reliable.

Season 2 has really ramped up the quality level a notch. Amy Acker contributes mightily to that. What a great casting choice.

So errrm why did nobody tell me this is the most fun action show since 24? Watching Reese’s exploits supported by Finch/Bear/Fusco/Carter is huge fun.
Plus the AI angle seems interesting too. And the latest episode? Co-written and directed by Jon Nolan ? Who the fuck knew he was just as good a director as his older bro ? (though to be honest, I had more fun with this latest episode than I had with Dark Knight Rises)

I haven’t seen the last ep yet but this has been a pretty good show. He’s batman in a suit.

The last ep was one of my favourites of the whole show, watch it.

Next to Doctor Who, this is the most anticipated show of the week at our house.

I need a reliable source of this show. My current show provider (A service not unlike Netflix) has the latest 3 of these, but I’m hopelessly behind so its a bit annoying to start in the middle of season 2, when all I’ve seen is season one. It IS pretty good though.

This show is awesome. I’m convinced we’ll be seeing (a lot?) more of Shaw in the future. If Caviezel ever wants off the show, they can always kill off Reese and continue on with her. I’d be perfectly content to keep watching that show. I might even enjoy it more!

That or we could see Person of Interest: Los Angeles/Chicago/New Orleans

Love this show. I broke my rule by starting watching it before the full thing was done & it’s difficult waiting for new episodes week to week. What is this, 1980?