Is GE run by monkeys and morons now?

I can just imagine GE support reps…

Hahahaha OMG that is perfect!

HAHA! OK, that was good.

And my opinion is that, yeah, these bulbs need a reset button. Everything needs a reset button. These smart bulbs fail the “mom test”. I won’t subject my Mom (or myself) to such ridiculous measures just to get a stupid light bulb to work. Not going to happen. It gets returned or chucked in the trash bin.

This is the best comment that anyone has ever posted on any QT3 thread.

No they don’t. I own about 20 bulbs and in 5 years have never had to reset one. Although these bulbs might suck since @Timex has had to do this 3 times.

It really isn’t that difficult to reset them, it seems the people complaining don’t actually own these bulbs, let alone had to reset one.

Hey I just watched their silly “how to” video. Not my fault it makes them looks insane ;) Though knowing their financial history for the past decade put the “morons and monkeys” header front and center:

Eight shall be the number thou shalt count, and the number of the counting shall be eight. Nine shalt thou not count, neither count thou seven, excepting that thou then proceed to eight. Ten is right out. Once the number eight, being the eighth number, be reached, then thou shalt proceed to count to two.

I did own the Hue bulbs and ended up returning them for a refund (one of the bulbs got confused and wouldn’t shut off all the way). But that was a few years ago, I’m sure the technology has improved.