Is GE run by monkeys and morons now?

No, this is not a joke:

How many IT techs does it take to change a light bulb?

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You should fire the designer who proposed this design, fire the engineer for implementing this design, fire the manager who approved this design, and fire the VP who hired the stupid manager.

I reset mine by using a dumpster.

“Smart tips”. The smartest tip is to never purchase this nightmare-fuel product.

Best way to reset: Grab a hammer, destroy the bulb, buy a bulb from different store

I guess I don’t see the big deal. Something you would almost never do, and if you needed to it’s probably because the app isn’t seeing the bulb. It needs to be done in a way that people won’t accidentally reset them day to day.

It’s insane. First of all, accidentally doing 7 seconds or 9 seconds once in the multitude of 8 second flips is too easy to do. They you can to start all over. You spend a minute of flicking the switch trying to make this work only to find you didn’t.

They could have done this which is a billion times easier, faster, and you won’t have to redo it a billion times to make it work:

  1. Turn the bulb on and then immediately turn it off three times (six clicks).
  2. Wait two seconds.
  3. Repeat step one. Bulb flashes to indicate it has been unpaired.

There. Takes about 6 seconds in total, and it’s resistant to being done accidentally.

I guess, but you almost never, if ever, need to do this I bet. Probably a last ditch effort kind of thing.

And I bet the video makes a good guide if you ever do need to do it. Just follow along.

My WeMo stuff has a nice easy reset procedure. Hold the button. Every time I have had to do it though it turns into an hour long ordeal of getting the switch to work again. So if this works as advertised, more power to them.

I have never had to reset my Hue’s in the 5 years I have had them, now I am curious how they do it.

Edit: quick search, you can’t reset Hue’s manually, you have to reset the whole hub. I will take GE’s way.

This is hilarious. It just keeps going! They should have just had the user signal R-E-S-E-T in Morse code to reset it, it would have been faster and easier to remember.

This is old, so maybe it’s changed, but it seems all the bulbs are reset like this. GE just made a video for it.

Why can’t they just put a reset button on it?

Because it’s not worth the cost. Why bother adding to the costs when you can just add a simple procedure to do it? Now if you need to reset your bulbs, you should probably find a better bulb. Like Hues. :-)

Although, as I said, if I had to do a reset, I would rather do it GEs way.

I have s bunch of these light bulbs, and yes, the reset process is terrible

Well, it beats burning your house down after your oil lamp inevitably tips over and sets the curtains on fire.

The fact that you have ever had to do this says more about the quality of the bulbs than anything about the engineers or the reset procedure.

Well, I’ve only had to do it maybe 3 times ever.

Not sure I see the fuss either. I’ve been buying smart bulbs since they were available and I’m not sure I’ve ever had one that didn’t have some procedure like this. And its not like you need a stopwatch to get your timing right, the margin of error always seems generous enough.

I’m sorry, smart bulb?

Like are light switches not good anymore? Wtf does a smart bulb do? Post to Twitter?

Light switches? That you flip with your HANDS?

Your alternative is too close to something a kid would do when they first discover light switches.

Between your solution and the current one, I’d take the current one, but I agree that any kind of on-off reset is silly and tedious. I think they should spend the money to have a hardware reset button on the bulb itself.

Fuck I hate instructional videos. Learn how to fucking write instructions people.

Zero. If your neighbors light bulb is working, and his neighbors light bulb is working, them yours must be as well.