Is Path of Exile too easy? Make it harder by paying extra!


Path of Exile is getting Private Leagues, essentially private server shards, that can be used to make the game more difficult. Grinding Gear Games announced that starting next week, players can pay about $12 to start a basic Private League for ten days for ten members, with options to add member slots and extra time. Private Leagues allow players to keep random folks from interfering with their game sessions, (perfect for streamers and guilds) as well as add modifiers that increase the challenge. The difficulty mods include ways to increase monster damage, remove player resistances, disable stashes or vendors, as well as turning off all the sweet loot drops. Imagine the look on someone’s face when they stumble into your nightmare world.

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That is a really interesting concept for an online game like Path of Exile. I’m intrigued by the idea.


Options are always nice, but I’m stymied by who would consistently pay for this. $12 for 10 days is really expensive, too.

I guess streamers might give it a shot for the gimmick factor of extreme high difficulty, but that’s about it.


Consistently? Probably no one outside of a streamer who can turn it into added revenue. Having a few friends each pitch in a couple bucks to set up your own short-term server, say two or three times a year? I can see that.


Why, though? Just so you don’t see other players in town? PoE isn’t a MMO, all content is instanced, you only see other players in the world if you group with them first.


So you can enforce whatever difficulty increase your group cooks up. Plus, we’re talking 12 bucks here. With a group of 4 that comes out to a shitty coffee a person.

Heck, I just came up with another use case. It looks like there are ladder rankings for leagues? This would be a great feature for running tournaments.


Yeah, this seems to be targeted at particular use cases, not something that everyone wants to use. I could see it pretty cool in concept for when my group of friends and I played together. $3 each really isn’t a big deal.


What does it give you, though? PoE is already instanced, you won’t see other players. You just want to make it harder?


Yes, I meant customizing the experience.