Is PDZ co-op good?

A friend is coming over this week for split screen. I thought maybe I’d try something besides GRAW and The Outfit, so maybe Perfect Dark Zero, as I heard it had interesting co-op. I’m hoping for a rental.

Is it worth a rental? Or to buy if I can get it used? Anyone played through it?

It’s not worth your time, ElGuapo. It’s really a horrible single-player game.

Granted, playing a horrible single-player game co-op is slightly better than playing a horrible single-player game alone. But you and your friend can do better. Get Timesplitters or something.


I had fun with it co-op over Live playing with quatoria and fuzzyslug. If you can grab it for like $30 I would say you would get that much entertainment out of it. Definitely good enough for a rental for the co-op and large number of botmatch game types alone.

– Xaroc

Ok, so I’m reading reviews, which pretty much echo Tom’s thoughts. But what about the multiplayer . . . they all say it’s a blast, and mention bots, which I love to gang up on with a friend. Do they have modes where it’s bot groups against you, ala GRAW? Or do team deathmatch with two people (or more) versus a giant group of bots?

That would have great appeal.

(and maybe you guys could dust off your copies if you saw me playing it online)

By the way, Tom (and everyone), since I know online names bug you, and since we’ll probably be doing a QT3 get together in DC soon anyway, and I don’t want to introduce myself as “ElGuapo”, my name’s Jason.

The multi is actually quite good. They recently released several new maps as a premium download, but also a set of new bot personalities and stuff which are free. I haven’t tried those out yet.

You can apparently set up bots vs. humans pretty easily. Again, I haven’t done this myself - most of my matches have been against other real humans.

I disagree with Tom about how bad a single-player game it is. It’s not stellar by any means, but I’ve played much worse shooters. The real problem, to me, is that it’s both inconsistant and requires a fair amount of experimentation and replaying to really get the feel for it. Some levels are really well made and lots of fun, and others are just plain annoying, and there’s no rhyme or reason to it. It’s not like “the end is bad” or whatever, the quality level goes up and down throughout. Replay value is actually better than the first time through, since you unlock stuff that you can take in your loadout when you replay a level that really makes everything more fun.

It’s almost as if Rare designed a game that is purposely more fun to play through multiple times than it is to suffer through the first time, y’know? Doesn’t seem that bright to me.

If you’re into online shooters, it may be worth a used price right there, just for the online play.

I forget how the bot set-up works in PDZ because Microsoft’s tech and customer support takes an entire frickin’ month to screw up their attempt to fix a busted 360, but I still say you’re better off getting Timesplitters: Future Perfect (although it may not be backwards compatible).

And don’t mind me kvetching about online names. It’s my own personal quirk that I have a hard time calling people the crazy nicknames they’ve chosen for themselves. Life should be like Animal House: other people should give you your nicknames. :)


The biggest problem with PDZ multi is that everyone has approximately 1 billion HP. It’s one of those games where you could both jump out at one another at point blank range and empty your clips and have to reload because neither of you are dead yet.

I can’t believe they still haven’t turned around your 360 yet.

Which is circumvented for people who are good enough to get headshots. PDZ is all about the headshots. While Jason Cross might describe this as “fun”, I think it’s “not fun”. :)

You have no idea. My 360 situation has turned into a clusterfuck of astonishing proportions. It was eventually kicked to the escalation department. Their job, apparently, is to screw everything up even more. This has been – no joke – probably the worst customer support experience I’ve ever had.

At any rate, according to the timeline I’ve been currently given, I’m supposed to get my 360 tomorrow. I’m not holding my breath.


When you finally get it back, we’ll have a multiplayer gaming spree.

Maybe with Gears of War. Or Halo 3.

I’d be down for a QT3 get together in DC.

But I would prefer to introduce myself as El Guapo.

As for your question, I played PDZ co-op and found it a so-so experience. I think it could have been fun were the controls a little more intuitive than they are.

I do think multiplayer was a blast.

Grenades are quite useful, too.

I did just fine without a lot of headshots, but you can’t take the crap weapons in there. You need a decent assault rifle, not a puny SMG.

Well, so I bought it. The multiplayer versus bots feels like the Frag Ops mod of UT2004. Which is a good thing.

The single player is much better than I thought it would be. I’d love to Co-op with someone. That fight in the club was really fun. Hell, a lot of the levels so far have been fun.

I’ll be playing against bots the rest of the night if anyone is interested. Either just join my game or send me a message. Anyone is welcome.

I saw you playing, but tonight’s episode of House on Tivo took priority. I’m up for playing sometime soon though.

PDZ is best multiplayer in infection mode, but coop works nicely as well.

Apart from PDZ, are there any good 360 games you can play co-op on the same console? I was hoping for at least one good old-school action-RPG by now, but I don’t see anything of the sort yet… :-(

Mutant Storm Reloaded. Haven’t tried it, but it’s possible. Also I think Wik has a same-console multiplayer mode.

Dynasty warriors might allow it, but IMO it’s a turd. GRAW does as well, burnout too I think, but for an action rpg the closest is gauntlet or smash tv…

Yeah that’s right DW5:E will allow it. And it’s probably the best game on 360 right now.

Oh yeah I went there.

Holy moly, I can’t believe you liked it.

I couldnt get past… well everything.

Sound- shit

graphics - mediocre

gameplay - none

manual - vapid, doesnt cover the strategy part at all

menus- yes, even the fucking menus were ass

ai- everyone jkust stands there until you beat on them, then they sort of panic…

Gauntlet is 10000% better at making the killing hordes of enemies w/ a buddy fun.

I have no idea if it has versus play, but if the strategy portion worked better , 2 player vs. w/ armies would be interesting at least, so, it can have some points for that, if it has that. I couldnt stand anything about it long enough to delve through all the menu fuckery.

*bring on 99 nights, because I do like mindless button mashing, this just seemed retarded.