Is this what the hipster version of Red Dead Redemption 2 looks like?


Clothing makes the man, as they say. You want to feel like a cowpoke? You had better dress for the part. You could buy a wide-brimmed Stetson, some Levis, a bandanna, shirt, and a pair of boots for a reasonable sum, but how do you let everyone know that you specifically want to be part of the Van der Linde Gang? Put on some official Barking Irons Red Dead Redemption 2 clothing, and no one will doubt your pretend desperado bona fides. That Gunslinger Jacket (Field Tan) is only $250 and comes with “A. Morgan” printed on the collar, just like an honest-to-gosh rough rider. Barking Irons started in 2003 in New York City, so you know they know cowboys. New York City!

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Or just dress that way by getting stuff cheap at Cabela’s.


I really like the name “Barking Irons” with that logo.



Wow, $92 for a shirt that looks like something from the rack at Target. Fuckin’ New York, man.


Cue “Thrift Shop”


Better a New Yorker than some kid in a Bangladesh sweat shop I guess.

Actually, I don’t see “Made in America” anywhere on their website.


If you click the individual items of clothing they say “Made in California, USA”.