Isiah's Knicks - Worst Sports Team Ever?

Not to keep going off topic, but yeah, the playoffs this year are going to be insane. The West is completely stacked and impossible to predict and the East has two of the league’s top teams and Lebron so we are bound to see some amazing, incredible playoff games and series in every round.

Just look at some of these possible storylines:
Who wins? Paul vs. Deron
Are the Hornets for real?
Lakers vs. Suns (with Kobe vs. Shaq!)
Can the old Spurs do it again?
Can the Celtics win it all in one year?
Can Lebron and some bums beat the Celtics/Pistons? (or do they lose in their intense rivalry with the Wizard who just got the uber-dramatic Arenas back)
Who is claiming the 8th seed in the West? (I’m hoping for the Warriors)
Can Kidd help Dallas out of the first round?
Did that 22 game win streak mean anything for Houston?

Concerned Raptor fan storyline: Can the Raps get into sixth and possibly beat Orlando in the first round?

Man, I love the NBA this year.

I have to agree. This season in particular has shown some fantastic play by some teams, and the playoffs look to be perhaps the most hotly-contested series across the board in the NBA in some time. I mean, the Southwest (aside from Memphis) is just ridiculous.

The playoffs will be awesome, Go Warriors (at least go far enough to get in th e playoffs).

I’d love to see the Suns destroy Kobe and the Bryants…

Playoffs should be fun. Hope Bynum can come back soon for the Lakers. And Ariza. I have no idea when he’s supposed to be back. Only team I really want to see get destroyed is the Celtics. Would be nice if the Spurs lose too, but I really like Tim Duncan so I can’t hate them too much… Oh, and I have an irrational dislike of Lebron (probably comes from liking Kobe). Hornets would be a good backup team since I’m a Chris Paul fanboy.

Except that’s not true. Sure Bird didn’t send artest and jackson into the stands, but he did make that horrible trade last year. I’m pretty sure it was bird who re-signed johnathan bender.

the owner james dolan set the tone in NY, to say “everything” is isiah’s fault is a lie, it was an impossible situation going in after dolan. Compound that with Larry brown falling in/out of love with players every week I think there’s plenty of blame to be passed around. There’s more than enough blame that can legitimately be assigned to thomas without piling on things like “he set the tone”.

McHale does not get credit for trading garnett after a decade of incompetence, surrounding him with any kind of talent for only ONE season. Let’s give Isaih five more years coaching the knicks and see if he can get one good season. it’s not enough.

“Let’s give Isiah five more years…” I never realized that rjcc might be James Dolan…I kid, I keed.

Are you saying Johnathan Bender re-signing is a worse signing than Jerome James?

this was a man whose nickname is Big Snacks.

This is a man who once answered coach Nate McMillan’s accusation of a selfish attitude by saying, “I don’t even know what he is talking about, I just worry about Jerome.”

Jerome will make 5.8 million dollars this year. 2.5 mins a game 2 points and 1.5 rebounds.

Worse than putting Marbury, Francis, Randoph and Richardson on the court at the same time? Does he make his trades based on player’s NBALIVE06 ratings?

I can’t defend McHale, don’t even want to but, I don’t remember he or Bird costing the Pacers 10 million in sexual harrasment moneys. (there was that Joe Smith thing, which sucked, but only in a shady basketball sense)

but if you check the sexual harassment lawsuit - a lot of it had to do with Dolan himself, how he handled the firing, and he even went against isiah refusing to settle and going to court.

overpaying for Jerome James (hey, guys like Mark Blount, Michael Olowokandi, Jim McIllvaine and others have pulled this scam for years)? trading for Curry AFTER everyone knew he was soft in the cakes and refused to play D or rebound? putting essentially the same person next to him and trading away draft picks to do it both times, when the only thing he’s good at is draft?

all mr. thomas.

jerome james at least has two working knees. They might be connected to a lazy fuck who spells motivation C-O-N-T-R-A-C-T-Y-E-A-R, but they do work.

The Detroit Lions. At least the knicks have won some stuff in the past half-century.

cries in the dark

Was it '98 or '99 when the Knicks clearly had the best team in the NBA and had that bizarre playoff brawl where half the squad came off the bench and were subsequently suspended (thus leading the Knicks to lose a championship that should’ve been theirs)?

'97. They were up 3-1 against the Heat. They didn’t have anything resembling the best team in the league, however, and it was only the 2nd round of the playoffs.

Yeah, for the last 10 years or so (basically since Jordan came back in 96) the Knicks have never had the best team. However, they used to have tough hombres who you could really go to war with (Oakley, LJ, Ward, Childs, Houston, even Spreewell). Back then, they could grit it out and make things happen (see there impossible Finals run from the 8th seed).

Dolan is a moronic creep, that we can agree on.

I have a sick fascination with James. He didn’t play hard in his contract year, he played hard - in one playoff series! Then to celebrate wore a garbage sack around his neck! I knew he was a disaster and I worried the Sonics, who haven’t had a decent center since Jack Sikma, (unless you want to call Sam Perkins a center) would panic re-sign him, I was pleased and not actually surprised when Isiah swooped in and solved the problem.

We’re talking Ishiah’s knicks, He doesn’t get credit for Dollar Bill Bradley, Willis Reed and Walt Fraizer.

Speaking of Bender - he’s #12 on this list of shame:

Tayshun Prince and Marcus Camby would like a little love.

EDIT: I won the championship in NBA Live 96 with the spreewell/houston/LJ crew, so I have a soft spot for them, funny.

…has always been a Piston, but should still be shown some love.

Oops, don’t know why I thought he was a Knick for awhile.

Marcus Camby

And I swear Camby averaged maybe 25-30 games a year when he was a Knick. It is only now, way way way later in his career that he has figured out a way to not only be a very effective player but also to not always get injured.

I try to trade him onto my NBALive (NBA2K this generation) Sonics team every year. He’s the perfect videogame center, he blocks a ton of shots and runs like a lemur.
He’s always been effective and underrated in Real Life, when he is on the court.

I never thought much of Camby (maybe it was all the injuries on the Knicks), but he’s put up some ridiculous defensive numbers with Denver the last few years. Been lucky to have him on my fantasy team. I win blocks and rebounds every week. His offense is really hit or miss, but I guess you can’t expect much with Carmelo and Iverson.

Sorry if this has been posted before but this Zach Randolph clip is the funniest basketball thing I’ve ever seen.,68500