Isiah's Knicks - Worst Sports Team Ever?

Oh Christ, that’s great. Can you imagine playing with Z-Bo? Its bad enough he’s black hole on the blocks, but now he fancies himself a guard. Love to see Isiah put him at point for the last game.

Has anyone (even Wilt on the eve of his 100pt game) ever taken 90% of a team’s shots?

I’d say the worst sports team ever, if college sports count, was the football team at my old university (Mount Allison, in Canada), who lost 34 games in a row, including 105-0 to rival St. Mary’s University. Any team that gets shut out 105-0 is doing something horribly, horribly wrong.

When I was there, some mysterious out-of-towners were assaulting students at random, but they specifically targeted the football team, so the players were advised by the administration never to go anywhere alone.

Amazing. The football team was the target of bullying. Wonder what the motive was, though? If they were out of towners who supported another team, you’d think they’d love your squad.

Ha, as soon as you mentioned university football, I thought of Mt. A.'s team (also my alma mater) for much of this decade.

Over my years in Sackville (97-02) it was amazing to see just how far the football team fell. They were a touchdown away from a Vanier Cup appearance in 97, then they followed it up by winning the Atlantic Conference the next year, but there was really nothing at all to cheer about for a very long time after that.

Yeah, the don of my residence hall was on one of the Atlantic Bowl teams of the 1980s. He knew their past glories well, and was quick to remind us that the team wasn’t always that awful.

I used to tell folks, “If a football player ever starts chasing after you, hide in the end zone: They’ll never find you.”

Glad to see there’s another Mountie around. I left before finishing – the decline of the dollar was killing me – but I had a nice time while I was there.