It ain't over yet! Carmack now suing ZeniMax.

Carmack strikes back for $22.5 million.

John Carmack, the chief technology officer of Facebook-owned Oculus, sued ZeniMax Media on Tuesday, saying it still owes him money from buying the video game studio that he founded. Maryland-based ZeniMax bought id Software, a Richardson-based video game studio, in 2009. Carmack left the company in 2013 to become Oculus’ CTO.

The lawsuit says ZeniMax agreed to pay $150 million for the purchase. Now, nearly eight years after the sale, it says ZeniMax refuses to pay the final installment of cash it owes Carmack or let him convert it into shares of stock.[/quote]

I wish Carmack would win 500 million.

Yes, this.

The irony and hypocrisy in Zenimax’s statements are fairly disgusting.

Bethesda’s response:

“Apparently lacking in remorse, and disregarding the evidence of his many faithless acts and violations of law, Mr. Carmack has decided to try again. We look forward to presenting our response to Mr. Carmack’s latest allegations in Court.​”

Doesn’t failing to pay for something void the sale? Good luck with that.