It's the 20:20 Movie Frame Game of 2019!


Game rules:
Posting: On your turn, select a movie and check to see that it hasn’t been done before. Post a frame from the movie when you pause it at the 20:20 mark. Wait for at least a couple people to guess, or 24 hours. Then post a frame from 40:40 and wait again. Continue for 60:60, 80:80, 100:100, etc. If nobody can guess your movie, you lose and must post again.

Guessing: Use only what’s in your mind (don’t Google it). You get one guess per frame, and if you want to guess again, you’ll have to wait until the next frame gets posted. If you guess the movie, it’s your turn to post.

Here’s a link to the google doc of all the movie frames posted so far , curated by @charmtrap.


That really does look like Tom Cruise.

I’ll throw out Taps, though the second frame doesn’t seem to support that guess.


You really need the link to the master list and a description of the rules in the OP. I’d move the images down to a later post so they don’t clutter up the OP too.

In the 4040 that almost looks like a Ghostbusters uniform, but it’s probably not.







I’ve never participated so I hope I didn’t mess up.


Is that a Nintendo logo on his jacket?


Rain Man it is.






I recognized the color of Hoffman’s jacket!

Can I pass back to you, @Gordon_Cameron? I don’t own any movies so I cannot make frames. I apologize for becoming involved. It was a knee jerk reaction.


Ok, I’ll rustle up another one.


Wow, Valeria Golina in the 100…

Weird to think that Tom Cruise was 26 when this movie released.


I’m overseas right now and have crappy Internet, but it’s not 2019 yet. Why the new thread?


Because the old thread was becoming impossible to post to. I don’t know if it was just me, but I pm’d stusser and he suggested just starting a new one so he could close the old one.


Thank you @Gordon_Cameron and I apologize!


Ok next one. Here’s a bloopie for all you grandpas out there in MovieLand.



Perchance Top Hat ?


Good guess, but not Top Hat, despite the top hat in the frame.


It could be anyone of a few movies in which Astaire wore top hat, white tie and tails. I’ll guess Flying Down to Rio.


Not Flying Down to Rio!

The 40:


It’s still my favorite of his performances. He lets Hoffman have his Oscar role yet hangs with him beat for beat.


If it’s not Top Hat, I’ll guess Swing Time.