I've been waiting, but I guess we don't have a thread about

Luis Posada Carriles.

For those who haven’t been following this, he’s basically a terrorist, wanted in Venezuela for exploding a Cuban airplane there, and we’re protecting him. The latest is that we apparently tried to extradite him to El Salvador instead on some light carrying false papers charge or something (which would allow him to avoid serious jailtime), but they have declined.


Edit: My mistake, El Salvador has not refused to take him, just their second largest political party is against it.

He should be extradicted to Venezuala. Maybe caveating that if there’s reasonable grounds for thinking he wouldn’t get a fair trial, but really no other reason.

We don’t like Venezuela, right? That makes him OUR terrorist, which is not a double standard or anything like it. :roll:

Posada adamantly denies any role in the attack. He was jailed for nine years in Venezuela, but he was never convicted and escaped in 1985.

Yeah, I’m sure he wants to give that justice system another shot…