J.J. Abrams saves... Samurai Jack!


According to longtime media executive Fred Seibert, former head of Hanna-Barbera and current head of Frederator films, Genndy Tartakovsky’s popular animated show, Samurai Jack, is headed to the big screen with J.J. Abrams as a co-producer. The film, which is budgeted at $20 million, will combine traditional 2D animation with stereoscopic 3D. It is being produced by Fredarator Films and Abrams’ production company, Bad Robot Productions.

I absolutely love Samurai Jack. I wonder if they’ll reboot things or finish the original story. I’m betting on a reboot.

But who can they get that could measure up to Mako’s awesome Aku?

Fuck yes.

Oh hell yes!

The first time I was ever exposed to Samurai Jack was when a marathon was on and I was tripping on mushrooms alone.

In episode two when he is on the planet of talking dogshead asplode

Was a great cartoon. At least they’re not going live action.

There’s this guy who essentially specializes in mimicing Mako, he did a decent job taking over for Uncle Iroh on Avatar when Mako died.

Tangential, but I just started watching Avatar via Netflix on a whim (needed something animated for my daughter, quicklike). I had no idea it was actually good. I zipped through the first “book” in less than a week of nightly viewings with my daughter and can’t wait to start on the second chunk of the series. I’m also much more interested in the live action movie. So much potential for epicness.

Poops: the good news is Avatar gets even better in later seasons; in particular, the Fire Nation posse deserve their own spinoff. :-) The bad news is you will then be filled with trepidation about the live-action film, given Shyamalan’s decline into, y’know, not being very good.

Anyway, JJA has been more hit than miss lately, so color me tentatively hopeful about this.

Avatar is awesomeness among kids cartoons (hint: it isn’t just for kids). Compared to the other dreck on that channel, I can’t believe it made it 3 seasons.

As good as the Mako replacement was though, it was still apparent. However, that could be because we were all listening for it.

Samurai Jack is one of my favorite shows. So baller. A great samurai animation that isn’t overly anime.

There just so many good episodes in that series… I wonder what they’ll offer.

Shyamalan watched Avatar with his own children so it’s probably safe to say he gets what makes it so good.

Greg Baldwin took over - pretty decent voicework in most of what he’s done, but I also noticed the difference most likely because I was looking for it.

Well at least this one already has time travel built into the story.

I can’t remember where I read it, but multiple actors said that they have not seen the source material. So yeah, no.

And it is awesome.

“Before the final blow was struck, I tore open a portal in time and flung him into the future where my evil is law.”

Meh. Samurai Jack was a pretty show, but the character himself had all the personality of a styrofoam block. Maybe J.J. will have him kill something besides robots this time around.

JJ should save Home Movies next.

Maybe my fanboy hat is strapped on too tight, but good lord, I couldn’t disagree more. Jack was developed throughout the series. Some episodes were, in fact, too cerebral for a kid’s show and completely devoted to exploring who Jack was, his motivations and his limits. He was uptight, occasionally impatient, but so driven that he never strayed or despaired.

I’d pay just to see Kafka: The Musical on the big screen.