Jane Russell "Sex Symbol" RIP

Just kind of flashed by on the news before I could grab the remote (I hate the “litany of death” that is local news and turn it off/to something else as rapidly as I can).

In her prime. That was pretty risque for the 1950s. She was right there with Marilyn Monroe for most of that decade and was probably the better actress.

Even more so for the forties, which is when that is from.

Oh, she was certainly a better actress than Monroe. While I think Monroe is underrated as an actress, she wasn’t great (my opinion, obviously). Russell was pretty good at it. I’ve always thought her eyes were too far apart though. Terrific, bombshell (as they say) body, obviously. And I prefer brunettes, despite the movie title. But her eyes have always bothered me and kept her from being beautiful for me.

She’s still an icon.

Oh, and corsair, your post is a bit ironic, isn’t it?

The Litany of Death and here I am doing the same? Yes. I was laughing at that irony as I typed it, though it isn’t quite the same thing. Local news concentrates on murders, accidents, chases, etc. - “if it bleeds, it leads”. The passing of a noted figure is something that goes to the national level.

Brunettes: yes. Wide-set eyes: well, she does seem a bit Tymbrimi on that account, but better wide than close.

Her eyes are a bit wide, but that pic Sarkus linked is hardly the most flattering of hers.

Then again, we live in a generation of quite different sexual context.

She was fine if you ask me.


well put

Sigh, she was one of my first crushes. She looked downright amazing, and helped instill in me an attraction for curvy women. ;)