Jason McCullough's Ridiculous Oblivion Mod List - RTM Release

Oh cool, he fixed some stuff. Updating now.

I’m still in the downloading mods phase. Besides getting the mod update, do I need to redownload your scripts?

Fixed. To update:


  1. The only change was the 2 new AEVWD files. If you’ve already got them you’re good to go.


  1. Redownload the zip file.
  2. Extract it on top of the old one.
  3. If you’ve started installing, redo it from a clean installation. This is why I advise backing up your patched/expansion packed but otherwise unmodified Oblivion directory before touching anything. :)

Aaaand the only thing I use not in the mod list (because it’s too tricky to support) is Oblivion Stutter Remover. With heapmode 1 it gives me an amazing smoothness increase.

I’d recommend poking around with it when you get comfortable with the rest of the system.

RAEVWD just updated today 10/10 to fix something I noticed. Make sure you redownload RAEVWD v1_6-20053.7z.

I noticed I broke spell deletion again, so I updated the installer with Spell Delete and Item Remove. Just drop it the ESP into the Data and enable it with OBMM.

elricm.com seems to be having issues with phpnuke at the moment, taking several of the textrure mods offline.

Thanks for all the work on this, Jason!

They seem to be back up.

They’re down again. Dammit.

Send me a private message if you want a link to download elricm’s stuff while their website is borked.

Updated with A To Take All…AND MY VERY FIRST MOD EVER!@!@!@!

Save skill training for later.


Violates the redistribution agreement most modders use, unfortunately. They got pretty upset about the POOP redist.

Bumped to V002 for the HOD 6.2 update. How to upgrade:

  1. Replace HeartOfTheDead.bsa with the one in HODBaseVer6.0.7z.
  2. Replace Video\HOD\Credits.bik with the one in HODBaseVer6.0.7z.
  3. Replace HeartOfTheDead.esp with the one in HODUpdateVer6.2.7z.
  4. Replace Data\Streamline\INI Files\sl.ini with the one in 00-Configuration.
  5. Import the .olod load order again using OBMM.

Is MMM 3.7.b2 still available anywhere? All I can find is 3.7.b3

Looks like they finally cleaned it up and repacked the zillion files floating around. I can’t take a look until I get back from Australia on the 15th.

I’d just leave it out; it should still work fine if you delete these two esp files from the Data directory right before importing the load order:


This is awesome! I just bought the GOTY edition from Steam last week. (Finished vanilla game over a year ago). I downloaded a bunch of mods, installed some before learning about OBMM, and borked it up. Just downloaded and installed game again, fresh, with no mods. I know this thread started two months ago, but I just saw it now for the first time, and the timing couldn’t be more perfect for me!

Thanks Jason

Elricm is back up.

Release 3. See first post.

Added Unofficial Oblivion Patch 3.2.3a hotfix
Updated The Ayleid Steps to 3.0
Updated Map Marker Overhaul to 3.1.1b
Updated Martigen’s Monster Mod to 3.7 beta 3
Updated Mike’s Clothes Replacer to 1.1
Updated Persuasion overhaul to 1.4.3
Updated QZ Easy Menus to 1.01
Updated Storms and Sounds Patches to 1.6
Updated Super Hotkeys to 0.54

You should consider updating to this; the new Martigen’s crashes a lot less.

Great news, thanks Jason!