Jay-Z's The Story of O.J.

There’s a lot to unpack here.

This is a guy at peak “don’t give a fuck if you don’t like it” mode.

Perfect, because I’m at peak “don’t give a fuck what Jay-Z does” mode.

Holy moly that video.

Damn, that was pretty awesome.

I haven’t really followed Jay-Z. I know some of his older songs thanks to them being inescapable for a while like “Hard Knock Life” or “99 Problems” or “Girls, Girls, Girls” but I’m not very familiar with anything past the early 2000’s. I know he was a big proponent of recording without Autotune, he’s married to Beyonce, and he owns Tidal. That’s pretty much the extent of my Jay-Z knowledge.

This video is blowing up on social media, and yeah, I think I may have to dig into some Jay-Z and see what I’ve been missing.

Oh man, Jay at his best really is fucking excellent. I’d probably start with The Blueprint if you’re just looking to figure out what this Jay-Z feller is all about.

Those pesky Jews!

Wow. Visually, it really looks familiar (those lyrics weren’t in the old cartoons). I love the discordant, uh, soundtrack. I guess it’s a music video, and the “soundtrack” is the music, but this is a much different song without the video.

Well it seems clear to me that they were going for the old racist era Disney art (which they nailed). Great video, and good song. If he had written a few more meaningful verses I would even call it a great song.

It’s crazy that OJ was able to become a black/white issue when the guy had absolutely zero desire to be associated with being black. It was really all about the racism within the LAPD and the peoples’ opportunity to seek justice ‘by any means necessary’. It was nuts then and it is still nuts today.


An interesting review of the Jay Z video by a father and son.

Millennials ruin everything by posting reaction videos instead of substantive commentary.