Jedi Academy

Is anyone else drooling over this game?

I’ve been playing a late beta of it for over a week, and MAN is it awesome. You have a lot more options for customizing your character, a lot more saber moves, and even more saber options (at one point through the game, you can choose a new saber style, color, and even dual sabers or a saber staff). The story is actually more intriguing that the one in Jedi Outcast, IMHO, the locations you’ll visit are pretty stunning, and the saber combat kicks ass.

Reactions for Jedi Outcast seemed a little mixed, but I loved it. I’m really looking forward to this.

Loved Jedi Outcast so I’ll probably get this one.

Starting out with a lightsaber is key. The biggest problem I had with Jedi Outcast were the regular shooter levels. You spend way too much time sans lightsaber in the beginning of the game, and some of those early levels were poorly designed. Though actually, the worst level came after you got your lightsaber–the “5000 Snipers” level on Bespin almost made me give up on the game. After that you started fighting dark Jedi, however, and the game got a lot better. The lightsaber combat was so fantastic, you had to wonder why they put all that other stuff in there.

Looking forward to Jedi Academy, though. It sounds like Jedi Outcast, minus all the crappy parts.

Okay, I gotta ask. What was great (or even good) about the saber combat in Jedi Outcast? To me it seemed like a sloppy, circle-strafing mess with very little real strategy or skill required. Am I just missing something obvious or what?


Almost have gone through the whole thing. It’s not bad, doesn’t feel as polished as Outcast. Has some nice surprises in it, and you can allocate points to force powers to boost them up between missions, as well as pick out mission loadouts (not to mention you pick where you want to go next). Haven’t found out if that super-violent code for Outcast works in Academy yet. The powers pretty much work the same, except for healing and a few others, though the effect may be a little different.

— Alan

Heh, I was planning to start a topic about this soon enough myself. Beat me to it.

Can’t wait to try this one out, I for one have never really been a Kyle Katarn fan in any of the Dark Forces games, so I’m glad they have kind of fused the multiplayer gimmick into single player. The ‘choose your mission’ structire is intriguing(tell me, can you return to previous missions to attempt greater challenges or remixed objectives once completed? Probably not, but I want to ask)

I myself was not too impressed with the spastic ‘mash and pray’ feel of duelling in Outcast. You sort of can feel when an opening was available versus a block, but just keeping the enemy in your sights all the while hitting those arrow jeys for unique swing attacks was more of a challenge. A lock-on feature would alleviate that problem to an extent(you could at least try unique swing animations without strafing around looking like a bumbling fool) but it doesn’t equate well to the PC scheme.

Nevertheless I’d love to hear more about the game myself. Does it have a point buy system now(JK1 stylie)? Or are we still assigned arbitrary Jedi powers at mission completes? EDIT: Nevermind, good a return to form in player choice.

You pick which power you want to level up in, light and/or dark side.

Yeah, the g_saberrealisticcombat is just fine to play with. I was playing Jedi Outcast last night with that on, and was ticked pink that the default stance for the saber was such that running right at a storm trooper without even swinging would cause their head to be lopped right off.

The realistic saber combat makes the game too easy and even more of a “swing and pray” game, but its just a hell of a lot of fun to chop Reborn in twain.

I agree with everyone that says that the Dark Forces portion of Jedi Outcast was nothing special, and the first lightsaber level (Nar Shadaa, not Bespin) was annoying, but the rest of the game was fun.

I also just like watching the multiplayer saber combat with many people. It just looks cool. The force powers in multiplayer were overwhelming to me – too many to pick from, and too hard to actually use the one I wanted to when I wanted to.

But I’m still getting Jedi Academy the day it comes out.

The realistic setting cust both ways though, so it’s fair - ST’s are fodder but the reborn can cut you right up just as easy. Jack up the difficulty and turn it on, and cheat to get the saber ASAP, and bind f2 to ‘spawn npc reborn’ and whammo! much better game. Just uh, hit f2 constantly in the boring parts of the early levels, hehe.

Academy sounds great, good to know the realistic thing is still working (I feared LA would ask for it to be removed since it can get pretty nasty with a ton of twitching arms laying around, or scraming ST’s holding their wrist and wishing for their hand back)

Actually, I don’t know if the realistic saber combat works in Jedi Academy. I hope so.

Strange as it sounds, there are some folks out there who want another Dark Forces game sans Force powers and lightsabers. They’d rather play as a Han Solo type instead of as a Jedi. Not me though, and I’ll be grabbing JA as soon as it’s out.

I dont know… Ihave played the first level so far… (just finished the Kedi training)… andthough the game is fun, it is just “another shooter/fighter”… dont get me wrong, I am going to have fun completing the game… but there is nothing “phenomenal” about it.

mind you, the multiplayer on LAN was wicked… and there are already hacked warez servers out there too! tried connecting but the warez servers keep crashing…

“Strange as it sounds, there are some folks out there who want another Dark Forces game sans Force powers and lightsabers. They’d rather play as a Han Solo type instead of as a Jedi. Not me though, and I’ll be grabbing JA as soon as it’s out.”

I’ll say that i didn’t hate the begining levels of Outcast like many others did. It was a lot slower paced the the latter levels but it for me it was fun having to rely on your wits and a few well placed blaster shots. I think Jedi Outcast as a whole has been underrated.