Jesus vs. Obama

What say you P&R?

I say welcome to me circa 5 minutes ago

Your post inspired my poll.

I knows, Im just funnin’.

But please, don’t wave that poll at me. Serious, I dig the ladies.

It’s a tough call. On the one hand, Jesus is impossible to permanently kill, so there’s really no need to worry about the VP slot. On the other hand, he said he’d be right back, and look how that turned out–you figure that Obama at least has guys handling his schedule better.

He is a pederast, but man, that Quintana can roll.

So do you mean like in a cage match or in a CNN-sponsored debate? Because I could see differences…

I deliberately left the circumstances of the contest open to interpretation.

Ditka by 3 points.

Jesus would get crucified by the media.

Jesus is far too left-wing for the American electorate.

I’ve never seen Jesus and Obama in the same room together at the same time.


Eh, while reaching out to prostitutes and the poor, he still told people to change or they’d go to hell. I think that lack of open-armed acceptance would result in his taking more flak from the left than from the right.

I guess you’ve never heard of the gulag or the killing fields.


Obama, but only by a tiny bit.

Now Obama vs. Ditka, no contest, Ditka by a mile.

Are we talking New Testement Jesus, Supply Side Jesus, or Buddy Christ?

Raptor Jesus.