Jetpack Brontosaurus Alpha

From the guys that did Velociraptor Safari: There’s an alpha version of Jetpack Brontosaurus up and playable now. Played the first two missions, and so far it seems like Pilotwings meets… well, something that has a brontosaurus in it. Which is a good thing.


But, can you DRIFT?

Everyone knows its impossible to drive straight in the D-dimension!

Fairytales and magic, old man!

So hey, that’s us. It’s a very early copy of the game, but I really wanted to get actual people playing it so we can figure out where to focus our attention. There aren’t a lot of missions, obviously, but I’m very curious to hear what people find most fun about it.

I crapped out a feedback form on the site itself, but we’re also watching forums for any comments, so fire away!

I played probably 10 hours of Off-road Velociraptor Safari back in February/March, I’m amazed that they’ve got another one in the pipe already. Xbox Live Arcade, gentlemen. Just cash the check.

I assume it’s safe to install this Unity Web Player? Boo to spyware :(

The x-ray jet exhaust is cool looking, but it’s weird and kind of confusing. It kept distracting me.

There definitely has to be something else to do besides fly. The only thing cooler than a jetpack brontosaurus is a jetpack laser brontosaurus.

There’s something about the camera but I can’t put my finger on it. I think it’s generally too close, so when you have a ring right above you and the camera tilts that direction, you’re mostly seeing bronto hiney.

I don’t know about laser, but I agree that we need more in there. I think a chain with a spiky ball could only help :)

I love the 2girls1cup music.