John Stewart with the funny

STEWART: All I’m saying is if the morality of this country – if the problems of morality in this country are literally down to if dudes married, then we’ve one. Isn’t. I mean, dudes marrying isn’t even in the top 10 commandments. Adultery is a top 10’er, but that doesn’t seem to be, you know, an issue. It’s very – it’s interesting that these type of divergents, the culture wars I think are, there’s something real there, but we don’t ever actually deal with that. We deal with the sort of whether or not the 10 commandments can be posted in a school. I mean, if you think the 10 commandments being posted in a school is going to change behavior of children, then you think employees must wash hands is keeping the piss out of your happy meals. It’s not.

STEWART: For a while, I was very nervous that there was other people were in there. You never know.

And now, you’d sleeping and all of a sudden Eleanor Roosevelt climbs out. Aah! I want brains!

KING: What went wrong with John Kerry

STEWART: What happened?

KING: No. No. What happened in the election?