Johnny Depp liked Postal?!?

"GD: How much are you into videogames, if at all?

JD: I’ve gotten obsessed – absolutely obsessed – with a couple of games. When I was doing Sleepy Hollow, there were two games that I just drove everyone around me batty with. One was Quake, and the other was Shadow Warrior. Because you know, the game opens up, when you start the game – there’s this sort of high-pitched Chinese voice that screams out: [adopting a mock Asian accent] “WHOOOOO want-a some Wang?” I mean, THAT was it; it was like, I’ve GOTTA play this one. And I remember a game I thought was interesting: Postal. It was a really funny concept. "

What a dork. At least he played Quake… so passe’, get with the times Depp, at least play some Half Life.

anyway, hes a handsome lad!


Don’t you dare mock him for playing Quake, greatest of all games (multiplayer)! I don’t really know when they were filming Sleepy Hollow, but had Half-Life really been released then?

Also, he’s quite hot.

From their latest email

Postal 2 Shares Its Love In New Hip-Hop Video
Running With Scissors’ controversial hit PC Game appears in rappers Black Eyed Peas & Justin Timberlake’s new music video “Where’s the Love”

Tucson, AZ - “Shock and awe” videogame developer Running With Scissors is proud to announce that game footage from their medley of malice POSTAL 2, is in the new Black Eyed Peas hip-hop video, “Where’s the Love.”

The socially wrenching, thought-provoking video from the Canadian group also features Justin Timberlake (who co-wrote the track) of ’NSYNC fame. The video, from the Peas’ latest album, Elephunk, was released on June 24 to rave reviews.

“We be all up in tha love, fo’shizzle, and it be showin,” flossed Vince Desi, Running With Scissors’ thug-ass G with good table manners and CHIC (Chief Homey In Charge). “We be all ‘bout raisin’ up and makin’ dis wizzle a better place to live. Thaz why we made POSTAL 2 peep so much game, cuz if you be flyin’ wid a phat spliff, frontin’ and maxin’ up in to the machine, peepin’ dis tight mofo of a game, then dogg, you aint gonna be flippin’ and flakin, straight pop’n caps on some busta’ whose all up in your digs fool.”

At first it may seem a little unusual to POSTAL’s legions of fans (especially when Boy Band star Justin Timberlake gets involved) to see actual gameplay footage from their beloved hit PC game in a hip-hop video about love. But the star of the game, the Postal Dude, is well known for spreading his love in some unusual ways – like with gasoline as shown in the music video.

“Hell, it’s about time we all practice what we preach,” Desi observed from his crib in smoking Tucson. “Stupid people do stupid things. The message here is simple: stop bitch’n and blamin, and start bearin your own personal responsibility for the crap you do in this world.”

POSTAL 2, the love-filled sequel to the cult phenomena, POSTAL, is published by Whiptail Interactive and is available for PC in retail stores worldwide.

Can I hate them more?

G Dawg, u h8 whatu can’t understand.




I wonder if Vince Desi is trying to win some kind of trophy or medal that says he’s the stupidest person alive.

Maybe if we give him one, he’ll just shut the hell up.

What, and give him more dubious accolades for him to brag on? :wink:

God I just feel like taking a bag full of dog shit and throwing it at that fuks face.

Now that would be funny.


Depp playing Shadow Warrior is one for the ages.

I can just picture him now, in a romantic love scene. <Johnny> “You want wash wang? Or you want watch wang wash wang?”

So in other words, its fine to produce crap as long as you claim responsibility for it.

Well, I guess Running With Scissors claimed responsibility for Postal 2… so they are obviously practising what they are preaching.

Between these guys and the people they are supposedly addressing (no personal responsibility, society produces everyone and individuals are pawns) a man with an Uzi has no time to be bored these days.

I was watching “Yes, Dear” last night and Johnny’s name came up. I’ll try to describe it to you. Jimmy is the brother in law and is a security guard at a Hollywood studio. He and his guard buddies are in the guard booth passing cars through, and obviously bored. Guard number one asks guard number two…“If a gun was to your head and you had to make love to a man, who would it be?”. After some resistance to the question, guard number two finally says “Cal Ripken, Jr”. Guard number one says: “Why? Because of his pretty blue eyes?” Guard number two said in disgust, “No, no reason!” Guard number one turns to Jimmy and says the same question. Jimmy immediately says “Sex with a guy? Johnny Depp. No question”. Guard number two thinks about this for a moment and says “Can I change my answer to Johnny Depp?”

Guard #1 is the black guy whose signature line is “that’s freaky!

Seriously, who wouldn’t pick Johnny Depp?

Hmm, I’d pick Hilary Swank.

I can just picture him now, in a romantic love scene. <Johnny> “You want wash wang? Or you want watch wang wash wang?”[/quote]

I may regret highly to admitting this but… is that from the Shadow Warrior book? Or is that also in the game?
'Cause I ahem read the book… and that happened in it.

It was in the game. It was on the level with the 4 nude anime chicks you could kill. Yes, I played it. Yes, I discovered that you could make all the bunnies gay by killing off one sex and Wang would get very upset at the gay copulation. I was young and I had nothing else to do that summer.

The Black Eyed Peas are Canadian? No.

You don’t need excuses around here! We understand your needs (even for questionable games).