Jonah Falcon mocked on Spike TV's The John Henson Project

It’s true; the crapworthy game reviewer and erstwhile porn star was the dubious “Man of the Week” on Spike TV’s The John Henson Project (yes, the John Henson of Talk Soup fame).

I missed most of the segment since my wife was too absorbed with Celebrity Poker during the commercial break. Apparently, they mocked his flabbiness and, of course, his 13-inch schlong. Did anyone catch this?

Another fine argument for TIVO service!

Shamelessly unfunny show on SpikeTV hosted by a person whose greatest asset is looking like a young Will Ferrell with an idiotic patch of blonde hair. Like with everything else on SpikeTV that isn’t called MXE, no, i did not catch it. Even making fun of Falcon isn’t enough to make me wish i had.

Really? Talk Soup was hilarious.

Yeah, he was great on Talk Soup. He’s not so funny on this show, although he has Tom and Alan with him. Right now, he’s trying too hard to make The Man Show Starring John Henson and the humor feels awfully forced. On top of that, the whole talk show format is so terribly, terribly tired. Do we need interviews? Lame monologues? Silly news clips? Poorly-produced sketches? One of the things that made him really shine on Talk Soup was the combination of focus plus an honest delight in their own irreverent amateurishness.

I think that’s what I hate the most about Spike TV; everything has to be this very stereotypical take on crude dude humor. Yeah, boobs rock. Yeah, musicals and art museums are gay. Yeah, sports rule. That said, can’t we have some, y’know, DIFFERENT perspectives?

The original concept for The Man Show was funny; a self-deprecating and good-naturedly indulgent look at the way guys like to pretend they act. But a whole network dedicated to that single schtick? Come ON.

I miss Henson and Kinnear on Talk Soup. They rocked on that show. Kinnear was really good.


I still don’t know who this Jonah Falcon character is but he was recently all over Usenet pimping Invisible War. A quick Google search found this:

Can’t help psycho-analyzing someone who feels the need to show their ‘bulge’ even in a caricature as perhaps a wee-bit insecure about themselves.

Absolutely not work safe: (great midi!)

I liked when Carol Leifer would fill in on the Talk Soup. Unfortunately, it seems that was her peak in terms of looks and humor.

Can someone please tell me what the hell Talk Soup is?

I feel unfortunate enough to have met Jonah Falcon. It was one of the most miserable and unpleasant experiences of my life.

I had only known him online while working at GamePen, and while he seemed like an obnoxious jerk in the forums, usually people like that are shy and different in real life. Well, I was wrong, he’s WORSE in real life. I went out to dinner with him and my girlfriend. He’s actually quite pudge and has an…odor…about him, and his hotel room smelled like a big, wet, dirty sock. When dinner was over, we couldn’t wait to get rid of him, so we made up a lie about having somewhere else to be, and dumped him at his hotel. It was probably the longest two hours of my life.

I didn’t realize Jonah Falcon was “mainstream.”

From tonight’s woot offer:

Three years, nice.

He’s not mainstream, woot is down with the obscure references.

What’s Carol Leifer up to these days?

Talk Soup is a show on E! (I think it’s still on E!) that takes the mindblowingly stupid, the strange, and the just plain weird segments off of daytime and evening talk shows (now they include reality series, I think) and puts them in small chunks with snarky commentary before and after by the host. Oh, they have some lightweight banter between the host and his crew now and then too.

It’s a lightweight way to see the great unwashed mass of humanity in its worst light. And funny to boot.

See, Trom? On QT3, it only takes 3 years to get your question answered.

Doh! I saw the newer replies but not that tromik asked that 3 years ago. Well, I hope he wasn’t holding his breath waiting for the answer.

You people have to stop resurrecting old threads. Or else.

I’d rather see any Jim Henson Project.

Even Muppet Babies.

Thought the same.

Wait, this is the same Jonah Falcon who was the most annoying poster over at CGOnline’s forums?