Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle - The Rock and no magical boardgame

Crossed $855 million in worldwide box office, making it Sony’s third highest grossing movie of all time.


Got the Blu-ray earlier this week and am watching tonight. Jack Black deserves some sort of medal for this movie.

I was surprised how much I enjoyed this, casting choices were fantastic and they worked well together.

Story was alright, they could have developed the villain and his motivations a bit more imho.

Funnily enough, the writers can easily justify the “plot” and the barely defined villain with everything being set in a 90s action videogame. Not that any of those had good stories or character depth.

I just saw this yesterday and loved it! Laugh out loud funny. It is also kid-friendly, so I’d watch it again with my daughter. Fun!

We saw this the other night and really enjoyed it.

The villain was a cardboard cut-out, but that was fine since the movie was all about character growth and solving puzzles. I’d argue that there didn’t even have to be a main villain, just a ticking clock and faceless goons.

Also watched it last night and enjoyed it. The conceit worked well with the implementation, and the use of ‘video game logic’ was in service of story in a lot of fun ways.

Definitely better and more fun than it had any right to be.


What’s the first movie?

Also, saw Rampage this weekend. Such a dumb, fun movie.

“Welcome to the jungle”, I think.

Edit: Doh! No. That’s a JCVD movie I wouldn’t really recommend. Very silly.

It’s “Journey 2: The Mysterious Island”

Ohhhhhh, right, I never saw that one.

Well only one of them is a really fun movie.

I saw this tonight. I just wanted to thank Qt3 for talking this up. I never would have seen a movie named Jumanji again if it hadn’t been for this thread. It’s rare for a movie to be just plain fun like this. I’m glad I didn’t know the setup in this movie. That part was just uproariously funny. I wonder if they spoiled that part in the trailers?

Edit: I just watched the trailer posted above in this thread. It does indeed spoil the whole setup. I’m really glad I didn’t watch that until now. Also interesting that a lot of the video game interface scenes in the final movie were completely different from the ones in that trailer.


Finally got around to watching this movie this weekend and had a good time. Fun setup, pretty strong commitment to the concept, very strong cast, and a bit of sentiment at the end.

Yay so glad! Both movies are fantastic. I hope they make more.