Jump Ship (formerly Hyperspace) - In Coop Space, Everyone Can Hear You Scream

Oh well. The devs were nice enough to make an explain trailer.

A coop space game somewhere between Left 4 Dead and Diablo, with a solo option (or so at least the dev in the trailer makes a pinky promise about that).

No firm release date, but I figure if Deep Rock Galactic and Helldivers have enthusiastic fans here, it can’t hurt to show the title around.

Well this looks like it’s in my wheelhouse.

Nice trailer. This is how I pictured Star Citizen would play if it ever came out.

Have you tried SpaceBourne II?

Not yet. But I did buy SpaceBourne and played a bit of it. I figure I should make more progress there, and give SpaceBourne II more time to hit 1.0.

That does look really cool, just wish it was getting a console release.

From the youtube description for that trailer:

Jump Ship is coming to PC (Steam Early Access) and Xbox.

Oh interesting, I didn’t see that, just what it said at the end of the video.

Edit: I guess there was an id@xbox showcase this was a part of? Don’t know how I missed that.