Just curious

Is there some reason we picked dinosaurs? I think it’s totally cool…just wondering.

IX Azzuowhatsit started the entire thing here. So he’ll have to elaborate on why dinosaurs were picked, but he made like this was some sort of established anti-troll method.

I thought it was an age old forum tradition that everyone except me was in on. I just went along to get along. Sorta like I have done with Black Tar Heroine.

Because the argument in question is ancient history. Or it should be.

Every time you replace “heroin” with “heroine” it cracks my ass up.

Because where Aszurom goes, people follow.

I like to post pictures of Ricardo Montalban myself, but have been known to feature a dinosaur.


Every time you replace “heroin” with “heroine” it cracks my ass up.[/quote]

You have not heard…Al Sharpton and Stan Lee are teaming up to create a pro-female, African-American super hero which he can use during his campaign in 2004.

[size=2]Note to self: heroin, heroin, heroin…not heroine you moron.[/size]

I first saw the dinosaur game on SA about three years ago. My impression was that it wasn’t exactly new at the time. It’s a time honored way to deal with trolls and/or idiotic threads. Which, you know, SA has IN SPADES.


Uh, pretty sure this is THE place for idiotic threads. What else do you expected from no moderators, anonymous posting, and words like “pottied.”

Insert dinosaur here.

This one’s for Dr. Crypt, because the monkey is wearing a fez and Dr. Crypt likes to wear a fez!

…and he rides a dinosaur!

Is that monkey melting? That or he has a severe perspiration problem.

I call foul! That’s no dinosaur. That money’s riding an armadillo!

That’s not a monkey riding that dinosaur! It’s a fucking camel wearing a fez and a neckerchief!

Holy shit!

Hey, it’s an armadillo! And it has the head and neck of a turkey.

Now you guys have really gone and done it. You hurt the poor little dinosaur’s delicate little dinosaur feelings.