Just when you though it was safe to ignore collectible card games, Mythgard shows up [review]

What a world.

Well, they seem to be doing their best to screw up giving away a bunch of free stuff.

First, delays for no apparent good reason. Then earlier today, they asked the reddit and youtube communities to stop openly posting the codes…just post the links to the blogs and youtube videos where people can get the codes.

I get that they’re trying to help out the few streamers they have, but the best way to fix this now is to just put up a code to unlock the whole core set and make it permanent and give it out as widely and openly as possible.

They gave away half the codes, it didn’t result in their game suddenly becoming a hit, and now they’re panicking.

CCGs are hard to do! I don’t envy anyone who’s taking on Magic and Hearthstone. Potential CCG players have a limited amount of time to spend on them. If you’re interested enough to occasionally dip in and out, but not interested enough to commit your life to a given game, you’re just not going to be that great at it, and you’re unlikely to spend any money on it. So any CCG has to clearly make the case for why you should play it over Magic or Hearthstone, and from the jump a new CCG is dealing with a very big reason NOT to play it – the player communities are bigger on other games. I don’t know how you surmount that. Looks like we can rule out “start to give away the core set, but then get cold feet about it halfway through” as the way to beat the big boys.

For the record I’ve never seen the source for these codes and only got them second hand via this thread and other places.

The source is buried deep and they sure are not making it easy to find, which is like some kind of anti-advertising.

Behold! Here’s the code for the yellow core set:

And here’s the link to the original Pocket Gamer post.

I’m still playing this game each and every day! I like it more and more. And I’m realizing that even with the core-pack giveaway, I still don’t have most of the expansion cards, including many of the best cards I see in tournament decks.

Speaking of tournaments: Mythgard has announced an Open Qualifier tournament with $1000 in cash prizes for later this month. It’s the first of a series of tournaments leading to some sort of world championship. You have to have a Silver or better ranking on the ladder, which I don’t have. More details here:

The code to unlock all basic green cards is up. I guess I’m not supposed to retype it here? Annoyingly, it’s in a Slovak-language website. Click the blue button (“Suhlasim”) to accept … cookies (I think)? Then scroll down a bit til you see an image of the ‘redeem code’ UI. If you’re nervous about doing this, I guess I could just PM you the code. I’m just reluctant to restate it here openly – don’t want to get Tom or me in trouble.


Fucking hilarious. Two month wait for a Slovak site to post the code for them.

This is what’s going to make Mythgard finally turn a profit.

I don’t click website buttons I can’t read, but if anyone posts the code here, I might re-install Mythgard

Click link, scroll to pretty much bottom of the page. Copy bright yellowish-orange code. No Slovak or soul selling required.

Can’t someone just post the code? Who said we can’t post codes?

The devs asked people not to share codes so as to drive traffic to the sites hosting the codes. I don’t really know more than that.

Yeah, considering the site isn’t even English language, I feel tike there’s nothing wrong with posting a freebie code here. It’s not like posting the code is going to deprive the site with the chance to get loyal readers from this crowd.

The green code is: SectorDreni

The last code is out, on a German site. Good thing they hired a PR firm.

Get your codes now, because I’m estimating this game shuts down before 2022! It’s totally an interesting game and worth a look, like everyone here says.

So with all the codes redeemed, the game says I have 1095/1095 cards.

Solid job linking to the blog to get the code y’all. ;)

Clearly we need a PR firm.

Here are the links to each code, resulting in a complete Mythgard core set:

  1. Red
  2. Orange
  3. Yellow
  4. Green
  5. Blue
  6. Purple (time code 13:33)

Promo codes can’t be entered in the iOS version, but they can be entered in the browser, Steam, and Android versions.

The promo code entry form can be found all the way to the right in the Store’s Home tab. It is case sensitive.


Oh, and here are promo codes to get some cards from the two expansions:

Rings of Immortality packs

Winter War pack and power
“enlist” or “resist” (can only choose one)


I’ve spent more time entering codes than actually playing the game.