Kari Byron talks pregnancy myths

i congratulate you for posting something that could easily fit in the nerd rage, needs a punch in the face, and fail threads. :)

NSFW, probably.

She’s kinda cute, but #2? Who’s #3?

The woman from the Hughesnet commercials… Margaret Easley.

Edit: Damn you, EpicBoy!

Glad I’m not the only one who had to google that…

Just in case anyone is interested and might not already know, I got a notification on Facebook (knew that thing would pay off someday) that Kari gave birth to a little girl on the 28th. I find it interesting that she named her daughter Stella, given that I have another friend who named her daughter Stella as well, born last fall. Must be gaining in popularity.

I’m surprised we needed those myths to be busted.

Except for pickles and ice cream. That’s not a myth. That’s an example.

It’s too bad she didn’t want to bust any pregnancy/sex myths. Not that their aren’t websites already for that kind of thing (so I’ve heard), but they don’t have Kari Byron, damnit!


Ever since my wife was pregnant, I find pregnant women incredibly sexy. What’s that about? And Kari is always sexy, so double whammy for her knocked up.

QFT, but with her looks it’s a double whammy.