India has just revoked Kashmir’s limited autonomy and moved a bunch more troops into the region. Pakistan is not stoked, and their PM says that now is the time to take Trump up on his offer to mediate (woof).

This after the Indian fighter was shot down earlier this year, after Muslim terrorists killed a bunch of people in Kashmir.

Kashmiri chief minister is calling the government’s move unconstitutional alongside some other fairly extreme rhetoric about the lengths to which they’ll go to maintain Kashmiri identity.

Don’t have a ton more context for this other than that the government in India is apparently Hindu nationalist at the moment, which sounds just great.

As usual, I’m sure it’s the people who get fucked so priests and aristocrats can play tin soldiers.

Has been for a while, but recently comfortably won an election in which it was predicted to do badly. Which may be why it feels emboldened to do this. Or may be trying to preempt any pro-Pakistan US intervention.

Two nuclear-armed powers at the brink of war with Trump mediating? What could possibly go wrong?

As someone who uses/polices an exmuslim forum I can say that the Hindu ultranationalists are just as bigoted, racist and prejudiced as the white supremacists and neonazis (who turn up in equal numbers) . They are a fucking nightmare. Probably even worse on the pro-genocide, genocide denial, pro-child rape front tbh. They are the only ones I’ve seen actively supporting the Rohingya genocide, the Uighur camps and punishment rape/murder of Muslim girls in India.

Not mentioned in the NY Times is that the state is being downgraded to a Union Territory - so a directly federally administered region. The National Government will control the administration of the territory, appointing all ministers. They’ll leave a legislature, but its not clear what powers it will have.

So not just removing autonomy, but taking direct control of its governance. Not sure what separates J&K from the West Bank or Tibet at this point.

Modi is a tool and is emboldening Hindu extremism in his country. Half his country is going to die of thirst and he’s pulling this crap.

Pakistan has nuclear weapons and a standing army. Now maybe they wont get involved, but history says otherwise.

Problems at home? Find an enemy or scapegoat ASAP.

Warning, this is disturbing.

First reply, a Balochstani activist raising awareness of Pakistani army brutalities and genocide in her home region. No good guys in this issue, just dead innocents.

The way of the world apparently.

I don’t know who’s who in that clip? Are those Hindu’s surrounding Muslim women? Or vice versa?

Not sure if its Hindu ultra-nationalists (and there is a huge difference between a Hindu and a Hindu nationalist so worth distinguishing between the two) or just the usual rape gangs.