Kemet play-by-forum game


I will recall


Well, calculated gamble, did not payoff. I will simply retreat. @ironwulf, you can decide which space I go to.


Retreat to the East Obelisk space please


Before I pass off my turn, I play the DI card Enlistment to 3 Temple West, bringing the total to troops there to 3.



Time to start hoping nobody manages to hit 8 during the turn, I guess! You could still theoretically win with the 2 temple VP at the end of the turn, if so. But that’s kiiind of a long shot…


Winsome, lose some.


Okay, let’s see if this is legal.

3rd action: double silver token on Move + purchase black tile
Purchase male mercenaries black tile for 0PP (priestess discount). Place them in my city troop (extra on empty space)
Move priest to 1st bottom location. +1 PP and +1 damage for upcoming battle
Move troop in Lantz’s city to his troop.
3->4 PP

I really would have loved to move leave a unit behind to retain control of the pyramid VP but I don’t think I can afford the -1 strength.
It’s my 7 strength vs his 5?


I purchased the Forced March tile as my 2nd action already.




The token for the +1 damage on the Ta-Seti Path got picked up by @Greatatlantic on his last action. Does this token automatically refresh or does it only refresh during Night Phase…I was actually wondering about?

…and I answered my own question by finding the Ta-Seti rules pdf. Seems you pick up and use that temp token and then replace it when done back on the Path


The mod doesn’t even bother to represent them as a separate object.


Since you’re a witch, I will play my battle card in the open: 5 attack lose 2 people


Card choices sent to host.


There was a mercenary tile left? I thought both were bought up early. Maybe a symptom of that early round confusion. It is not like I have the pyramid to buy it, but I do like to keep track of the game.

PS) Is it “double silver token” or regular action + silver token action? Because a player cannot have more than 1 silver token.


Nope, only one of any of the two-of tiles have ever been purchased up to this point. And then I strongly suspect Infested_terran specifically switched to the black pyramid to stop Lantz from buying it.


Battle - Bastet (Infested_terran) vs Wadjet (Lantz)
Bastet is attacking with 7 units plus the Deep Desert Snake creature.
Wadjet is defending with 5 units plus the Giant Scorpion creature.

Battle cards:
Bastet plays [4 str 1 dam]
Wadjet plays [5 str sac 2] and the DI card War Fury: +2 str.

Total strength:
Bastet gets 7 for units, 4 for card = 11
Wadjet gets 5 for units, 5 for card, 2 for DI = 12
(Deep Desert Snake cancels the Scorpion)
Wadjet wins!
Bastet gets 1 Dawn token

Bastet deals 1 for card, 1 for Path token vs 0 prot = 2 damage
Wadjet deals 0 = 0 damage (again, the snake cancels the scorpion)
Wadjet loses two units to damage, sacrifices two, has one unit remaining + Scorpion

@Infested_terran, would you like to retreat or recall?
@Lantz, would you like to recall?

Welp. That went badly for everyone involved!


I would like to stay after a brief cry.


Wow,that was not the outcome I was expecting.
@malkav11 any way we can get a map refresh after this?


War. War never changes.


I think it would probably have been more advisable to deliberately lose the battle (since you don’t get VP out of it, and Infested_terran wasn’t going to win the game by getting the one battle VP), protect your troops as hard as possible and save the big guns for an offensive strike. But oh well.