Kingdom Come: Deliverance

I did that Cuman/Bandit camp quest earlier than it sounds like you are, but I did the Cuman disguise one a lot later. I wish I had known about the disguise one earlier though, because everything you need is right there in the camp, and you don’t even have to kill anyone to get it (well, one person, see below). You can finish both quests without needing to sneak much or even get involved in combat until the end. Minor spoiler follows…

Approach the camp from the north, at dusk is best, and you can sneak if you like as it will provide extra cover from patrols. Along the northern edge of the ruined buildings surrounding the camp is a barn-type building which has an entrance from the outside. Sneak into there, and find a bottle of poison on a barrel and a Very Easy locked chest. Pick the lock, and loot the Cuman gear inside of it. Put on the armor and helmet, and now you can walk around in both the Cuman and Bandit halves of the camps. On the Bandit side, nobody will challenge you (they’ll just make snide comments), but if you get too close to other Cumans on their side, you will be challenged. You can choose options to fool them into thinking you’re Cuman a couple of times before they catch on. You have a good sneak skill, so you can probably work your way through the Cuman side poisoning their food pots if it’s nighttime and you’re careful. I recommend doing pots first (you may have to knock out some Cumans) in both camps, then arrows, because the second you light the first barrel of arrows on fire everyone comes after you.

To be honest though, you don’t need to poison a single pot or burn any arrows. All you need to do is scout the camp effectively, then report back. The battle that ensues will be tougher on Sir Radzig’s men if you didn’t sabotage anything, but they will still win in the end. When the battle begins, you can snipe from the edges or try stabbing a few isolated Cumans and Bandits, but if you try to stand in the front line with the soldiers, you’re likely to get slaughtered. The only required combat in the sequence is the fight with Runt at the end. Once the battle has ended, there is a chest in the Cuman tent near that barn from before, close to the food pot, which contains a crapton of Cuman gear. You can get the three chest armor pieces and three closed helmets you need for the Cuman Disguise quest from that single chest, no need to raid camps or anything.

I’ve spent the last few hours in this game just going around knocking out minor side quests like the Charlatan, Hare Hunt, etc. and hunting down treasure maps and looting their locations. I am at the point in the main quest where once I take the next step, the endgame quest sequence starts, and I don’t really want to end the game yet. I know you can keep playing afterwards, but I just don’t want the story to end, so I’m delaying it by doing lots of other little stuff while rebuilding Pribyslavitz and beefing up skills.

I’m pretty sure that’s exactly where I was trying to sneak in, but haven’t been able to do more than poison one pot without getting caught. I haven’t tried the disguise option yet though – sounds like that’ll free me up quite a bit. I DO want to do at least some of the sabotaging, just because…that’s how I am, lol. I’ll try nabbing that disguise and see if that gets me over this hump. Thanks!

I’m getting near the end I think, or at least I am on track towards it. I just finished the Monastery quest (for the amount everyone was complaining about it I found it pretty underwhelming). I knocked out all of my available sidequests, and decided to do the Teresa part of A Woman’s Lot before proceeding to the endgame. I think I’d like to wrap it up this weekend as I’ve been playing it for months and I’ve probably got 200 hours in it.

How I beat the Monastery Quest: I hid some lockpicks in a drawer before starting. I mentioned that I was looking for the thief… to the thief, who poisoned me at the first meal and revealed himself. Then I unlocked a door to the outside, ran back, choked him out, carried him outside, killed him, and threw the body under the bridge. QUEST SOLVED! Unfortunately, I was seen, so now I am banned from Sasau and one other town - it’s got the prison bar icon on the map. So that will be a problem. I am not sure how to fix that without going to prison.

Hmmm…that may be a situation you’ll need to resolve as the next series of main quest tasks are heavily Sasau-based. Sasau is also the best place to sell loot (two blacksmiths, an armorsmith and a swordsmith all in one place, all with deep pockets). If you have enough cash on hand you may be able to buy your way out of the problem.

Or, going to prison isn’t all that bad.

Yea, spending time in jail is really not a big deal in this game.

Unless you go to jail at the very beginning of the game. I was like uh…guys?

Hey at least you get the

achievement for that :)

So I picked up the DLC from the Epic sale ($10 after coupon!). I bounced off the game hard - twice - on Xbox, mainly because I found the combat and lockpicking impossible. I’m hoping a mod or three will make it playable on PC for me.

Any suggestions?

You really do not need a mod on PC if you use mouse for lockpicking for the first few levels. It is vastly easier than with controller. Once you level it up a bit you can use controller too. Plus there is the simplified lockpicking option in the menu.

Yeah, I tried the simplified lockpicking when it was added. That was the second time I gave up on the game.

Lockipicking isn’t that big a part of the game, as far as I can recall. I think it’s required… once? Twice? But otherwise you can do without it. Combat no quite so much.

This so much. I couldn’t pick a lock using my XBox controller, but had no trouble with a mouse.

I know some of the treasures required lockpicking. Also there is nothing as frustrating as beating a couple Cumans or Bandits and then finding all their goodies are hidden behind a lock you can’t open.

This thread has made me very interesting in playing KCD, but I can’t for the life of me figure out why.

My experience has been that lockpicking is fairly easy on PC with keyboard/mouse. Practice a bunch on the chest behind the mill when you first start out to get the basic control scheme down, and from that point on it is by far the easier of the two mini-game skills. I am resigned to always be completely worthless as a pickpocket, I just cannot seem to master the dexterity required to time things right, move to the proper circle, snag the item and move back before being discovered. The couple of times I needed to pickpocket something to advance a quest I had to wait until the person was sleeping, and even then I had to reload several times.

Lockpicking on the other hand has been the most lucrative skill for me. I use it constantly, I’m at 15 now, can pick Very Hard chests, and have made a fortune off just the treasure maps and bandit/Cuman camp chests alone. You can skill up by picking every locked door and chest you see (just don’t get spotted). I never rob the chests of common people or of the NPCs I like, but I will pick all the locks for the experience.

I am currently trying to work up my Archery skill. Archery is very well designed in the game from a mechanics standpoint, but horribly broken from an experience/leveling one. You would think that taking part in the archery range contests scattered all over the game world would help build archery…but NOPE, they barely add anything to your experience even when you win them. Hunting levels it slightly faster, but even that is fairly tedious. Shooting bad guys works well, but is fraught with obvious perils, especially when your skill is low. So far the best Archery training I have found is playing Chumps in Ledtechko.

Visit the archer standing on the little island between the planks crossing the river in town and he’ll tell you about Chumps, an archery game where you shoot at logs floating down the river. You bet coin on each contest, but it’s fairly easy to come in second place (you get your money back) or first place (triple your money) and each contest has you shooting 20 arrows (which are supplied to you), and with every hit you gain decent experience. I had just raised my Bow skill to 4 and went hunting, I shot several deer and only got 23% of the way to level 5, while using lots of my own arrows. I went to Ledetchko and played 3 rounds of Chumps, won around 100 groschen and picked up the other 77% to get me to level 5, all in about 20 minutes. Plus, Chumps is kind of fun!

I have such a love/hate relationship with archery. Particularly, the decision to not give you an aiming reticle. It’s a ballsy move, and it makes you have to kind of work at it. It makes actually landing a hit feel like a win. But I’ll be damned if I don’t STILL struggle with it, and I’m approaching the end of the main story mission. (Just nabbed the DLC over the weekend, but haven’t really had a chance to play it yet.)

That said, archery has also led to one of my favorite moments in the game thus far (even if it felt a bit cheap at the time.) Was pretty early in, and I was still really struggling with combat. (Oh, who am I kidding? I still do!) There were two bandits in the woods who I had to take out for the mission, and they just kept repeatedly kicking my ass – they were well armored, and I was only level 2 or 3, still really struggling with the sword. So I waited until nightfall, when they were asleep. My stealth wouldn’t allow me to get very close, but I was able to pop one of them in the head with an arrow. The other of course woke up and rushed me (before I could get another arrow ready) but didn’t have time to dress or anything, and it made the battle a WHOLE lot easier.

Was one of those early moments that made me really appreciate the way they approach the game design, and one of my favorite “win” moments with archery. (Each successful kill of a hare still feels like a victory, too. Even at a fairly high level, I still miss…a lot.)

I gave up on archery early on. By the end of the game I might be able to hit a rabbit from 10 feet with 5-6 tries. I did shoot arrows in the general direction of enemies (I don’t think I ever hit one) just to try to get their attention.

I started this up on the PC through Game Pass.

  • I put graphics on Very High, with high detail textures. It looks waaaaay better than the Xbox version that I had started briefly.
  • The main reason it looks better is the lighting and the detailed textures. The lighting really makes all the opening scenes look different. Like a fireplace completely gives a room that red/orange light glow, where as the Xbox version had a flat yellow light throughout every scene.
  • Unfortunately, even though the FPS counter claims I’m bouncing between 33 and 44 frames a second, depending on the scene, it feels really, really choppy. Any tips on what settings to turn down that won’t reduce the graphical fidelity but make the game look and run smoother, especially with a 2009-era CPU?

Edit: I turned the Physics from Very High to Low (the most obvious CPU-bound item). That helped a lot. But it’s still hitches so still not smooth.

KCD really needs 6 core minimum, 8 core ideal CPU + SSD for a completely hitching-free 60fps experience.

I had it run pretty good on my system, although I did have problems with the occasional crash.