Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is such a lousy name

…for a game that might be my most anticipated release of 2012. It is, at least, the game I am most curious about, more accurately.

I mean, I sort of know that I’m going to like Bioshock Infinity and Diablo 3. But then there’s R:KoA, which has potential to be just about anywhere on the scale from utterly terrible to absolutely fantastic. I mean, if they deliver a well-written fantasy setting with deep story elements and with combat mechanics that hew something closer to Dark Souls and can bring that off, I’m totally sold.

At any rate, IGN is doing something they call a “Review In Progress” where editor Colin Moriarty is basically giving impressions of the game as he plays it.

Early returns sound pretty good.

I’m curious about the combat system in Reckoning, assuming it’s deeper than the God of War combat system it’s constantly compared to. I hate how mashy and imprecise GoW’s combat is.

The article in the link has a nice summary of how it handles mechanically. Pleasantly surprised to hear that it seemingly has both depth and a non-klunkiness, at least so far for the IGN dude.

I’m looking forward to this. I assume you read the story (did it come out this week? I’m so far behind on my RSS reading it may have been anytime in the last 3 weeks) that said if you play the Mass Effect 3 demo you’ll get some junk in R:KoA, and if you play the R:KoA demo you’ll get some junk in Mass Effect 3.

Gorgeous world. The crafting and character building bits look awesome. The RA Salvatore connection makes me a little wary. I suppose a bad fantasy writer could make a good game writer, given how atrocious most game writing is.

Thanks for sharing, triggercut. I can’t check the link right now.

Egads. The garish colours and ridiculously oversized weapons, complete with pronounced whooshing graphics… even if the gameplay turns out to everything I’ve ever wanted in an RPG, I just couldn’t ever be able to get passed that stuff.

Disclaimer: I have never been a fan of jrpgs/anime.

The colors are bright and it is bloom-tastic…but from every description the game’s color palette is more Blizzard than JRPG, and the mechanics of the way the game plays sound like they are very much a western RPG in every way.

The name is actually Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, if that helps.*

Some ex-Tekken people actually worked on the combat, and some of the arguments about various moves came down to how many single frames things should last. The combat is pretty much guaranteed to be something special.

*It doesn’t , I know.

I watched the video and my interest in this game continues to grow. While the world and story seems to be fairly generic fantasy, I really like how the team is so focused on player choice and giving the player flexibility to create their own experience. I also like that the combat system does not involve combo mashing.

Can’t wait for the demo.

Gah. At least I didn’t call it “Amalur: Schulde” in the thread title.

WoW never did anything for me either. But, whatever. It’s just my opinion, man.

What has me intrigued about this game is the Big Huge connection. Studio appears, creates two of my favorite strategy games ever, works on an AOE3 expansion, disappears, and then reappears five years later with an RPG? I’m curious.

Shame the world looks so boring compared to Rise of Legends.

…and with Ken Rolston, who has been designing RPG’s for pen and paper games since before some of the folks posting here were born, acting as one of the leads.

And whose actual title is Internationally Celebrated Game Designer.

…and Ian Frazier (lead designer). Ian lead the Lazarus Project (Ultima V total conversion for Dungeon Siege) which gives him huge cred as far as I’m concerned. Then he went to Iron Lore and worked on Titan Quest, Immortal Throne and Dawn of War: Soulstorm.

It’s an interesting team.

All this talk about the game made me refresh my memory: release date is Feb 7, so it’s less than a month away. What I’ve seen of this (which isn’t a lot, I’m trying to keep from overdosing on it before it launches) it looks like it’ll be fun. So between this, Diablo 3 and Torchlight 2 it seems there should be enough to keep a guy busy for the first half of the year (though I really have no idea when Torchlight 2 is coming out).

In fact, the KoA:R demo is coming out January 17, so some of us anticipating the game can get a taste of it very soon.

Bumping this in anticipation of the demo today.

Well, I’m downloading the demo now, a little under 3 gigs on Origin.

Played the demo.

I hope I’m wrong, but after an hour of play - I think it’s a turkey. Clunky port, super “gamey” in the wrong ways (like having a shield up your shirt and not being able to wield a weapon at the same time) - and quite underwhelming visually.

Controls are subpar and smacks of a PC rush job. Engine acts up and meshes disappear as you turn around.

Writing is bland and NPCs look like WoW with a bad engine-upgrade.

Not sure why I expected so much from this, but it certainly isn’t what I’d hoped for.

Combat IS kinda fun and looks pretty cool -though.