Kingpin via steam and redbook audio?

anyone have kingpin via steam and know how the redbook audio (audio tracks) are handled, or if even available ? the cd version has cyprus hill tracks as the music. does the steam version have no music at all ? or ??

I can send you the Cypress Hill tracks and you can just play it in the background.

The Good old Games version has them.


thanks, but i have the cd from the 90’s. i just wanted to know how steam handles these type of games ? does that mean any old dos game with redbook audio will be missing it ?

steam sells LOOM. that required the redbook audio as part of the game. how the fuck does it work on steam ? without the tracks the game can not be played/finished. (do they have mp3 tracks that the game somehow reads in game?)

The Loom on steam doesn’t have music (except in the cut scenes)

There’s a sort of alternative way of playing the steam release with some addons from here:

Interesting. I’d at least expect Steam to package the game as an .iso and then apply a little hacking to get the game to think it’s running the game off a CD, in much the same way that you would use an .iso emulator.

That would be too much work.They prefer butchering the games (Quake 2, Jedi Knight…).

I believe it’s the Publisher’s job, Valve just provides a medium.

How to get the FM-TOWNS release

If you think you would prefer the FM-TOWNS release, you can download it from this site once you have proven that you own Loom on Steam. This involves entering some characters from a Steam-only script file that comes with the game and has nothing at all to do with your Steam account!

This is about as legal as those “YOU CAN PIRATE A GAME BUT ONLY IF YOU DELETE IT WITHIN 24 HOURS” disclaimers ROM sites used to have.

well i can not believe it.
and you know what is more frightening ? …than valve selling them like that ?
you people. why aren’t you vocal about this rape of the classic games ?

Because we all still have the original CD?

I couldn’t imagine playing Loom without the music.

Then again, I couldn’t imagine playing Kingpin, period. But I’ll object on principal to any material omissions therein. It just ain’t right, dawg. Or something like that.

Kingpin was definitely an amazing looking game when it came out, though. Really sharp textures for the time, and decent shading and real time shadows.

Yeah for the Quake II engine it looked good. I found the game pretty difficult and never finished it.

Kingpin was awesome and quite innovative.I loved that I could go and buy weapons, or buy me a henchman or two.And the flamethrower…best weapon ever.Great music and atmosphere too.

What does Valve have to do with anything here? They’re just selling what the publisher is providing.

GOG is also just selling what the publisher is providing…and yet they seem to be able to find a way to make those games working in nonbutchered way.

Well, not quite true – we do a lot of the work ourselves to make it work.

I meant GOG by “they”.