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Try buying dough from a pizzeria instead, or buy from the supermarket and let it cold ferment in your fridge for a week to improve the flavor and texture.


I’ve been getting the stuff from Trader Joe’s, which is pretty good, and pretty cheap. I had no idea about the cold ferment thing.



Yep, just buy it a week early and leave it in the fridge, nothing more to it than that. When you’re going to cook it up, take it out and let it sit at room temp for an hour or two, then punch it down and go to town.


Thanks for the tip!



Kitchenaid Mixer,.

I got one from my mom a long time ago, and never really used it for anything for years… but recently, as I’ve started making pizza, it has finally found a use. Makes making pizza dough pretty trivial.

I use this recipe, with various modifications due to my mood:

You just put the mixer bowl on a scale, and add the ingredients by weight, add the water last, then mix it in the mixer with the dough-hook attachment. Add flour while it’s going until it comes together off the walls into a ball, and you’re good to go with about 4 pizza’s worth of dough.


Yeah, pizza dough is really simple to make if you have a stand mixer. And you can mix it and use it same day - though some recipes call for overnight in a fridge and such, there are others that just tell you to let it rise for an hour, then punch it down and use it.


You just made me very happy. It just so happens I have one of those. That my mom gave me, as well.

Thank you!



You probably also have the dough hook, as I think it’s one of the attachments that comes standard.


I do. I just always spend about fifteen minutes looking for it because I’m a total dork.



Like Slyfrog says, if you use that recipe, you can let it rise in the bowl, then punch it down and cut it into 4 pieces.

After that, let it rise again and you’re good to make pizza… you can let it sit in the fridge for up to a few days before you use it too.

You can also put that dough into the freezer and then have dough balls that you can pull out and thaw whenever, which is generally what I do.


Sorta gadgetry related. Picked up one of these but it’s a bit too wide for the sides of the cabinets I had in mind.

There is nearby wall space, but I want to put something else in that location instead. The side of the refrigerator, however, is very convenient. I found a magnetic clip clamp refrigerator magnet that’s rated for up to 15lbs. but I suspect a full load of canned food items would exceed that limit pretty easily.

Only other fridge solution that I can think of is glue. Someone out there surely must have figured out a nifty way to hang heavy stuff on the sides of fridges?


You can make the dough and use it the same day, but try letting it sit in the fridge for a couple days to cold ferment and I think you’ll agree it’s worth the extra trouble. This applies to bread also, by the way.


I generally make the dough, make a pizza that day, then make a pizza the next day or the day after, and freeze the other two balls.


This may have been covered, probably has I imagine, but do you folks use a pizza stone? Have you tried the cheap method of getting a non-glazed tile or paver as a pizza stone?

I’ve baked a few pizzas just using a regular old baking sheet and it seems to work fine. Doesn’t always crisp up perfectly, but that might be because I didn’t preheat it enough.

Anyway, interested in your thoughts.


P.S. EDIT: I’m also kind of interested in this cast-iron method I saw in this Bon Appetit video. I mentioned this guy in the cooking thread, and since I like his videos (they are really well produced), and I love my cast-iron skillet the mostest, I’m intrigued.


Check the last Secret Santa thread. @ArmandoPenblade gifted me a pizza steel. Highly recommended. Thanks again, Armando!


I use a baking steel… works extremely well. I used to have a stone a long time ago, but it cracked.


One of these days, I’m gonna trundle my way down to Hurricania and beg your kindness for a steeled pizza, Rich :-)


Does it really work so much better than a stone? Because I actually have a functioning stone, and I while I could see the steel being great, I’m not one to trade things of equal functionality.



Ya, I’ve found the steel makes better pizza. Whether it’s worth the investment, that’s up to you, but it’s a big ass slab of steel and will literally last forever, since there’s nothing that could possibly harm it.