Kneeling chairs

Anyone have experience with kneeling chair things? I might have asked this before, but my body can no longer handle desk chairs. I can’t use my current one as I was getting blood clot in my left leg and my butt hurt terrribly. Wife bought 2 different seat cushions months ago to try and help issue (pillow-top chair pad and temprupedic one). Currently I’m sitting in easy chair typing which is awful… but at least I can stay seated for more than 30 minutes at a time.

I’d looked into more expensive options like Herman Miller Aeron but from reading all reviews I don’t think that would truly alleviate my issues as some people still have circulation loss in legs since the seat angle inward.
I’m not fat nor tall, just pathetically weak which I don’t see changing. So that has led me to kneeling chair - thoughts or ideas? I need to get something really soon:

I had one of those when they were popular back in the 70s. in my opinion all you’re doing is exchanging a sore butt for sore shins. You should try one out though, and see how it suits you. but perhaps you’ll be better off instituting some sort of Regimen where every 30 minutes change your posture or walk around or massage yourself or something like that.

My college roommate my senior year had one. It was okay, but not particularly comfortable. I also recall he once rubbed his knees raw when he spent an entire weekend writing a paper.

The best thing for the legs is standing: It would also help the “pathetically weak” part.

Those kneeling-stool things are horrible. Hell on the knees.

Right now the passing fad is sitting on exercise balls – you can’t just sit back or slouch, you have to keep rebalancing yourself – and the new fad is just standing up at a high desk, like some kind of Victorian clerk.

Apparently the standing desk works for fit people, but may not work for you, unfortunately. Sounds like the bouncy ball thing might conceivably work for you, but it may take some time to adjust. At least it should be fairly cheap.

I could also imagine a sort of custom angled seat for half-standing, half-leaning-your-butt-on, somewhat like a kneeling stool, but higher, with no knee-rest.

Something like this:


The base would have to be quite heavy or anchored by something, but there would be no stress on the knees, and it wouldn’t be as fatiguing as just standing up.

Edit: if the bouncy-ball thing is too unstable, possibly a rocking-chair might work to at least sort of keep you in motion while at the desk, to keep you from stiffening up? Obviously the kind of rocker you sink down into would be no good for work at a computer, but perhaps some kind exists that keeps you straight up or a bit forward, like an office chair.

I had a kneeling chair around 15 years ago. It was quite comfortable, but more awkward than a normal desk chair. Give it a shot with a cheapo one from staples or officemax, then if you like it, get something nice.

I’ve used one for a job where I was only periodically sitting. It was fine for that, but I couldn’t recommend one for routine use.

I had one ages ago - didn’t particularly like it. It’s fine for a bit, but at some point most people just want to lean back and relax for a bit. One simply can’t sit upright all the time.

Don’t know if this would help or not, but the question made me think of these chairs:

The site makes a number of claims about the chairs improving circulation and reducing the risk of thrombosis, etc.

Yeah, that’s the slightly less embarrassing version of sitting on a bouncy exercise ball.

From their site:

Worst ergonomics evar! About 2 minutes from now, that guy will be stooping over his laptop because the screen is way too low. Make sure you bring the viewable part of the screen to eye-height so you don’t have to strain your neck and upper back.