Koontz... your ship has finally come in


Still not as visceral as a blowup doll, eh?

What the …? Sounds like a tamagotchi with a vacuum attached directly into lonely guy’s wallets.

All virtual girls will look the same - but each girl will behave differently - depending on how much money is spent on her.

So …Isn’t that basically the definition of a whore?

The virtual girlfriend is slim and dark-haired, like the Lara Croft character in the game Tomb Raider

That the only female video game character they know? unless they went with “round and has lipstick like the Ms. Pac-Man character.”

No, I think the pros work for a flat rate.

[quote=“Tim Elhajj”]

No, I think the pros work for a flat rate.[/quote]

they’re all pros, Tim. that’s what it means to be a whore.

she will require more flowers and gifts than many real women

If players neglect her, she will refuse to speak.

On top of a general subscription, men will be charged a fee to buy flowers and gifts for the virtual girlfriend.

So if I understand correctly, I would be paying a subscription on top of a pile on time “gift” purchases for a petulant tease for whom there is no hope of reaching first base because she doesn’t even exist.

So let me get this straight. You pay for the “game” and then pay to keep the “girl” happy? And all you get is a bunch of crap on your phone? All of the grief of a having a girlfriend with none of benefits.

No, I think the pros work for a flat rate.[/quote]

they’re all pros, Tim. that’s what it means to be a whore.[/quote]

Whooosh, Robert.

It’s like Magic The Gathering without the pretense. Just straight money = “success”

Or maybe you get an affair without all the messy baggage… or messy anything, come to think of it. :)

I wonder what my wife would think about me playing this game. Should I just get it and find out or ask first? If I ask, I am not sure I would get a genuine reaction…

You should purchase the game then whenever a decision has to be made in your house where you would typically check in with your wife, you should go ahead and check in with your wife in the typical manner, but then–with your wife present–check in with your game/girlfirend too, on the same issue. When you are done checking in with the game/girlfriend, you can look up and tell your wife that your game/girlfriend agrees with whatever your wife originally said. Snap your cell phone shut and move on the rest of your day.

It’s gonna be GREAT, Robert. Just GREAT! Remeber to report back when you are done.