KotOR for PC

Haven’t picked it up yet, but I’m hearing there are feature and performance problems with it if you’re running ATI hardware. If this is the case, when will Bioware learn that we’re not living in 2001 anymore (a la 3D graphics market entirely dominated by NVIDIA)?

I’d like to buy KotOR and Hordes/Underdark, but not if I’m required to swap out a $400 video card for another one to play them.

Actually, the big issue that I’ve seen people have is due to a problem with the Intel 845/850 chipset. Turning off the sound seems to fix the huge framerate hit at the moment, but who wants to do that with a game that is soooo sound intensive?

Loved it on the Xbox, and intend to get it for the PC…eventually.

The actual problem is outside our control. There is a fix coming in the patch, but it’s a hardware issue with that chipset running at 100Mhz FSB. You don’t have to turn the sound off, you just have to put it in Software mode.

This is what happens when people don’t actually read about bugs, they just pass the info on second hand. It’s unfortunate that it’s often game journalists that do this. I have lost count of how many times I’ve read a review or preview talking about a “show stopping” like it would it happen for everyone that bought the game. Only to have it be some weird ass rare bug that was a combination of motherboard/audio/video drivers.

Firstly, the market is still dominated by nvidia. ATI is increasing it’s share and getting more press lately. Hell, I just bought a shiny new 9800 myself. Regardless, our graphics guys do their best to support as many chipsets as they can. Secondly, it’s a load of bull if you think you have to swap your ATI out to play the game. Both NWN and KotOR run on ATI cards. It runs fine for some and not for others. SO, once again it’s certain combinations of driver version and harware that have issues. This is like the whole shiny water affair. We had it working for ATI before the game shipped and then something changed in their next driver that broke it. How are things like that our fault?

I’m very disappointed with the performance of this game–anytime I enter a new area the game slows to a crawl. I’ve found it’s easiest to just stop and wait for a few seconds (I assumed it was loading assets). What sucks though is that combat is even worse. I guess I’ll try software mode. But it’s still pretty fun; the choices remind me of those old Choose Your Own Adventure books.

What do you mean that it’s outside of your control?

It works fine on my 9800Pro. I am using the Cat 3.7s. I havent played too much into though. The game looks much better and plays faster than the Xbox version but it looks like a lot of the textures were recycled and the character models look exactly the same. I was hoping we’d see some more diversity in the models on the PC version.


We have no control over sound drivers, or the Miles Sound system that we use as an API. The best we can do is work with the companies to find solutions. It’s happened many times where the game shipped and was working fine and then a new driver (or even an ancient driver) cause it to break. We (as well as most devs) are often accused of laziness when it comes to testing. What people don’t realize is the insane amount of combinations of hardware and software out there. I remember back in the BG days some HP keyboard software with a fancy volume control would cause major problems. Now, how are we supposed to test things like that?

There are new models and textures in some areas. As far as I know all the texture resolutions were increased, so they should all look sharper.

NWN works well with my 9800 Pro, at least as well as it did with my Ti4200.

I don’t know enough about the technicalities of all of this but I will say it sounds like developers are in an impossible situation in regards compatibility.

Consoles however are no longer the refuge from bugs and glitches they perhaps once were. The Xbox, for instance, has some great games but I’ve had more lockups and freezes and glitches on that then I ever did on the PS2 or PS1, or Dreamcast. Gladius, for instance, has several times locked up after winning a tough fight, during the loading screen. KOTOR locked once or twice on me (in 40+ hours so that’s not too bad). SSX3 has failed to load several times and locked once or twice.

At least with PCs it’s often easier to rectify the problems post facto.

I think what he means is that most people are too stupid to understand the reasons for stuff like this, and like to blame the developer through ignorance.

I think what he means is that most people are too stupid to understand the reasons for stuff like this, and like to blame the developer through ignorance.[/quote]

Please note that my post did not assign blame (I know you weren’t singling anyone out, but I just wanted to be clear), though Bioware’s games have had a known, widely discussed ‘history’ (perhaps reputation would be a better word) of performance issues with ATI hardware.

NWN works not so well with my Radeon 9500 Pro, noticably worse than with my old Geforce 4200. I’m very happy for ATI that their cards handle DX 9 so well, but my personal experience (with the 9500 Pro and a past 7200) was always somewhat annoying. From what I’ve seen, my Geforces have always just worked, and they worked well… not so with my ATI cards.

Sooo, should I get the xbox one for 30$ or is the pc version worth the extra 20$?

I picked up KOTOR PC yesterday (mmm…birthday money!) Very glad to see this game finally make it’s way to the PC. I was playing it into the wee hours of the morning. I finally decided to call it a night when I thought it was around 2:30-3:00am. I shut down the game and find out that it’s freaking 5:10am. uggghh. I haven’t done that since Tribes.

Really diggin the game a lot.

I think best buy has it on sale for $39.99

I think best buy has it on sale for $39.99[/quote]
Yep. That is where I got mine.


I think best buy has it on sale for $39.99[/quote]
Yep. That is where I got mine.


Just bought a copy from BB myself. That and the EE of Two Towers. Hopefully the game doesn’t give my little sub-market 9800 Pro too much trouble.

I won’t shop at B.Buy unfortunately. I guess I’ll wait for black friday I’m sure somebody else will have it at 39.99 then.

Bought KOTOR PC last night, and it kicks ass.

Performance problems: one only. Framerate slowed to a crawl any time I was looking in the duel boss Hutt’s direction. Funny that problem went away after the first duel. And this is a not-so-hot XP1800+, SDRAM, Ti42000 system. 1024x768, no AA or AF.


Every game in the world has a ‘history’ with ATI hardware.