KOTOR II: Dear Atton

Dear Atton,

That thing you did was good. Would there be more of that, and if so, would it come from a different place or would it be from the same place that the original thing came from?

Regretting buying KOTOR II in Texas.

Uh… what?


I’m enjoying it. I’m at the end game bit, and though everyone and his brother has told me the ending sucks, I’m not letting that bum me out too much because, well, I’ve enjoyed getting this far. It ain’t great art, but it’s been a fun ride.

Have you played it? Every fight you get into, Atton nearly constantly says “More where that came from!”

It’s super annoying.

It’s a lot better than Carth’s “Down you go!”

Maybe I just didn’t use Atton in my party enough but that didn’t register on me at all through 40 hours of gameplay.

Between the two games, what stuck out most for me in dialog was the Twi’lek speech from the first game. Apparently “Moo-tooo-shucka-pata,” or something like that, was Twi’lek for everything from “Would you like to see my inventory” to “Oh snap! You’re Revan!”

Oh good god yes. This was also a problem with the hideous aqua people, and the mutant freaks with the heads that look like snail shit, but particularly bad with the twi’leks, as you had to interact with SO MANY OF THEM. And as soon as I saw one, I fucking knew the first thing I was going to hear would be “Mooka shaka paka.”

No kidding. I played it through a couple of times and I don’t even remember that line. Maybe Atton didn’t do a lot of killing in my games.

I liked Atton a LOT more than Carth. Carth annoyed me from the very first and I couldn’t keep him in my party. At least Atton had some personality…

I liked Carth well enough; I used him for most of the game. But this is pretty typical of the NPC’s in each game… all of the party members in the first game were strict archetypes (except HK-47, who was slightly less strict), and none but HK-47 were really interesting. Almost everyone in the sequel (I’m not done yet, mind you) seems to have an interesting backstory and personality.

I liked Carth, but reactions to him are about as polarized as they are to Bastila, who I didn’t like. I’m pretty indifferent towards Atton.

The main problem is that there aren’t many things that they say, so any of them can get on your nerves. Well, except for Mission.

I actually really liked the companions in KOTOR2, and paid them a lot more attention than I did the party members in KOTOR1 (where I just took the jedi, all the time). I really enjoyed mixing 'em up in KOTOR 2, and that actually worked out well, since they need to pull their own weight occassionally.

My favourite part of KOTOR 1 was when you had to choose a companion “hero”, and I really liked the inclusion of additional moments to shine in KOTOR2. People obviously disagree on this point though, since I noticed other reviews have complained about it.

As bad as Atton is, Disciple is worse.

“You have left me an opening!”
“You have left me an opening!”
“You have left me an opening!”

Apparently, there are very many openings in a battle, and Disciple must remark about every one in his tacky ren faire voice.

But other than that, and the weird bugs that zoom you through the dialogue of cutscenes occasionally, and give the little targeting “I have loot” marker to corpses that can’t be interacted with, I think the game is actually an improvement over the first.

I loved Kotor2, bugs and all. I wish they had another 2-3 months to really finish the game…

I definitely found it better than the first, mainly because all of your companions were interesting.

Mooka shaka paka.

With Atton’s “More where that came from!” and utterly ridiculous sob story about the dead girl (WHY IS THERE ALWAYS A DEAD GIRL?! HATE HATE HATE) and Disciple’s “You have left me an opening!” I felt like I was actively being punished for playing a female character. ARGH! Why couldn’t I romance Bao-Dur and is ridiculously soft and silky tones?

Also: Total crapass ending. I spent all that time extracting that horrid backstory out of Atton’s stupid hostile ass, give me some goddamn payoff.

Also: Why is the interlude with Sion more romantic than anything you get with the, you know, ROMANCABLES?

Or the LATINCABLES for that matter.

Edit: Joke changed. Also, there were romanceables in KOTOR2?