Kyle Glass - What's in his legs?!

Both his legs have lumps in them. Looks like he had surgery on one leg(his right has a long scar on it), but what makes that kind of lumpy bulge?

He flies HorizonAir because of their new delicious salted roasted baby packets.

Seriously though, maybe he got steel rods put into his legs to reinforce the bones. All that fucking weight has to be killin’ him, Smalls.

Or parasitic insects love his pixie-stick tasting blood.

Alot of people have weird bites, scars, lumps and stuff on their legs. Some people really shouldnt where shorts =)

Who gives a shit?

I have a few of those. Two on each leg, and one in my lower back, all right around some muscle tissue. Some form of muscle cysts, I think. I’ve shown them to doctors and none of them seemed to think they were worth talking about, so I guess they’re not a hazard.

Honestly I was concerned for him - & also wondered if he had some kind of weird implant I’d never heard about that protruded into your skin (titanium rods).

I like Tenacious D, so was kinda hoping it was something that was nothing.

Noun, can I ask? Are they hard like calcium/bone or soft like fat tissue?

Mostly soft, unless the muscle is flexed/tensed, then they become as hard as the muscle.


Maybe his legs are slowly collapsing in on themselves, causing the bone to buckle.

You don’t even know his last name! It’s Gass! Gass!


Probably distended communicant veins, judging from the apparent location and his overall physical fitness.
Organized haematomas of considerable age is a possibility, but you’d have to feel them to know for sure.

Attachment points for his robotic exoskeleton.

probably either 1)lipomas 2) neurofibromas or 3) subcutaneous cysts

(in that order)