Langrisser Mobile is Awesome

Gah I never even noticed that shield before. That’s helpful. Yeah I have T2s and am pushing towards T3s.

Some reading suggests that Frostrend, the SSR sword you get for hitting level 40 in the current event, isn’t that highly regarded either. Seems I’ll use it a little but transmute it much later.

Frostrend isn’t a horrible weapon. It is a pretty decent early SSR. I wouldn’t scrap it right now.

Yah I said I’d scrap it down the road :P The guide listed earlier recommends investing 1-2 SSR star upgrade orb thingies max into it.

Also I just looked and I have 2000 N xp potions haha.

Frostend is one of the 3 SSR weapons I currently use.

SSR guide suggests keep 1-2, I do not regret leveling it to 50 simply because it’s not like you have OTHER SSRs to level up early on.

After I got 60 and was able to regularly farm 55+ dragons, then other SSRs start trickling in.

Frostend is usable by swordmen + cav and I have lots of swordmen.

I think the fact they picked Frostend as the SSR weapon they hand you early is revealing of how well the guys making this game are understanding and paying attention to it.
Early on, when lancers are the bane of your armies and you got little in the way of crowd control solutions, Frostend is simply wonderful. When you unlock the flyer units and lancers stop becoming a real menace, it has still got its use for Leon — until Leon reaches the state he one-shots anything, and thus doesn’t need to fear any pursuit.

I didn’t level any SSR past 20 until I got confident I was going to use that SSR very much later on (I’d say on my second month playing): you get 100 ore and all your hammers and money back from destroying a level 20 SSR, but sadly you also get that same amount of ore from a level 30, 40 or 50 one.

Had some good SSR draws tonight. Yggdrasil Branch which i can drop on my Vargas, then Assault Headgear which will be useful for a variety of units!

Will I want to stick Frostrend on Ledin (assuming he can use it) or my #2 dps (Cherie using Last Knight of course)?

Also, if my greatest current need for unit training is the R mats (silver background) is it best to do the highest level Anki mission that drops them (e.g. doing Level 35, which also drops SR mats, or level 30)?

I’m using frostend on my elwin (bruiser) and SR oath sword on ledin (SR and has some def)

Lancers were never dangerous to me because elwin was one of my first characters. Horsies were my bane. I don’t play leongrisser.

Ledin doesn’t rely on his weapon much since his ATK will be replaced by his DEF + MDEF using Divine Guard, so you would want a defensive weapon on him that adds to DEF or MDEF (or HP)

Cherie can’t use Frostrend, and the Last Knight is better for her anyway. Sonya should be able to use it.

Going back to gear. Accessories is the one thing I can’t figure out.

Elwin gets speed boots because if he can’t reach stuff, he can’t kill it! The MDEF/HP are helpful.

Ledin gets King Amulet, this seems to be a great match.


Cherie gets assault ring, I think that’s a no-brainer because it’s my only +ATK item


The healer accessories are confusing.

I think the +HP is the most useful. If I need extra healing it probably means I won’t pass that map because I have insufficient DPS to remove the attackers. HP is so I can survive blasts and maybe one day unlock flying Aniki 60…

I just use anti-silence accessories on most healers (silence making them utterly useless), excepting Tiaris to whom I give +int kicking ass accessory of the day, as I use her to attack fairly commonly, her talent doing the whole healing for her.

For my main tank, I am a fan of that badge that gives immunity to all negative effect but the very occasional Leon’s smash. Don’t have to overthink move order and healer placement that way.

As for Frostrend itself, I’ve gotten about 6 dupes of Frostrend from drops, so I’m very glad I never spent a Epic Marital Spirit on one (still have 4 sitting in the bag if I ever want to get one to 6 stars.)

I did spend a bunch of Martial Spirits on the Last Knight, and I’ve gotten a couple of dupes since that I alchemy’ed but I don’t regret the early investment. It’s a really great weapon for Cherie, I would only swap Ragnarok for it (assuming I ever get one)

As guides say, some SSRs are more common than others, and Frostrend and Last Knight are common drops.

I can attest to Last Knight being common: I don’t use martial spirits at all, and it’s the only weapon I got to 5 stars.

See, this is the stuff I’m not thinking about. Thanks for the reminder.

I am using a level 30 emerald lance on SOnya currently but I think I will stick Frostrend on her. Also it occurs to me I should use her imps more often. I have one SR damage accessory that was on Lewin but I’ve swapped it to her and as soon as I can accord the SR martial Spirit I’ll upgrade it.

Speaking of upgrades: I know you can use a copy of an item to upgrade it’s star level, e.g. going from 2* to 3*. But if you want to go from 3* to 4*, do you have to use a 3* copy or will a 2* do?

Speaking of enchants, is there a good way to get the regular old R level Enchant scrolls (not the Sr, which I know you can buy in the equipment shop)?

I thought u could buy R enchants with friendship points? I don’t remember being short much, I guess you don’t have enough Rough Seas :)

any dupe item will let you upgrade, this game isn’t that evil!

Not sure on this, but I think there’s no sustainable way to get R scrolls beyond story missions.

Again I’m not sure since I haven’t done it myself, but I believe if you alchemy a 6 stars SSR item you’ll get 400 ore back as opposed to 100. So there’s no real harm in upgrading dupes (beyond spending a handfull of guild points on the upgrade runes)

The RNG front I spent about 40-50 tickets and nabbed Zerida. Pretty average odds, though I bypassed the Dieharte landmine which I’m grateful for.

SR Oath sword
+311 HP +71 Atk +10% DEF

SSR Seal Guardian (“Best sword for infantry”)
+437 HP , Atk +10%, Atk +107, +5% DEF

defensive wise it’s no big difference, so the SR oath sword is very good on Ledin. I don’t think there’s a 10% SSR sword.

You want the Oath of Justice Hammer, which gives more HP and less ATK compared to a sword:


Best of all it’s a guaranteed drop from a chest in time rift 10-8