Las Vegas

So, I am going to be in Las Vegas this weekend Thurs Night - Sunday Night. (The trip was planned without knowing that CES was happening) and besides your usual gambling, I am trying to think of novel and fun things to do while in town. One thought was to go to “The Gun Store” and shoot many guns. Other than that Idea, I could use some input.

Also, hookers, blow, etc. Obviously.

Hoover Dam (yes, it’s really worth it). Or go hiking at Red Rocks. You’re going to get tired of that sound the casino makes sooner or later.

If we only had more time, I would love to get out of town, and I have seen both of those places in the past. We would have to bus it, rent a car, or hitch-hike. None of those travel options sound fun.

American Shooters is a much better range and has Class 3 rentals, I recommend it highly over The Gun Store, but your strip location might dictate. Also keep in mind that Red Rocks is roughly five feet out of town, you can very easily bus/shuttle/taxi to Red Rock Casino and walk out to Calico Springs.


Thanks! I will look up American Shooters

Looks like

Is the place, it was really close to where we are staying, the Hilton.

You simply MUST find your way onto a comedy club improv stage!

Share your hilarity!

Have a friend record it!

But seriously, if anyone wants to shoot many guns with us on friday/saturday. I would love to join up with some Qt3 people.

Is Hoover Dam worth it anymore since you cant really go inside and see things anymore? Ive been told all the really cool parts of the tour are off limits now.

I swear, Rowe. If you go to Las Vegas and don’t visit the Pinball Museum, I will hunt you down…and demand to know why you didn’t go.

Come on, it looks awesome.

I love me some pinball, so I might have to go. Too bad it is on the opposite end of the strip from where we are staying.

You could always check out the Zombie Apocalypse Store. You can never be too prepared for natural disasters, zombies, trucking strikes, or…camping.

Go drinking with Bill Dungsroman - one of the highlights of my visit last year. Hell, one of the highlights of my year last year.


From what it sounds like some people want to go to an expensive club to dance, and I am more of a quiet hole in the wall bar scene guy. I’ll probably be looking for an excuse to be somewhere else that night, if anyone from the Vegas Qt3 contingent would be interested in doing something, maybe the pinball hall of fame?


Catch a rattler with yer bare hands!

You can still see the museum, the dam itself and the cool new bridge they built to replace the highway across the dam.

Yeah, this. Just seeing the scale of everything is enough. Their website still lists the different tours, so I don’t think it’s closed.

That bridge is awesome btw.

Lots of great food out here as well.

First real snow of the year, right during our departure time. Fingers crossed the flight doesn’t cancel.