Late 1990s web design still lives

The “links” page features a 812KB, 2128x2832 jpg background image, which isn’t surprising considering the site was created using Microsoft FrontPage 4.0.

“Gee,” I think… “Why does such a crappy site have such a high hit count?”

Then I check out the downloads page. Warez.

Fuck-ugly doesn’t quite encompass the terrible, terrible sight I see before me.

And here I thought it was because of the Arlo Gutherie MP3s.


Frankly that has to be parody.

Doesn’t it?

Please tell me it does.

They even have a stripper from Duke3D on their page!

I’m sold: these guys can make my next website!

I’d imagine the note about their telephone number being 1-800-DIP-SHIT has to be the clue about its parody status.

Frankly I’d still be wary…

Clearly you haven’t experienced the majesty that is Cyber Dsign Clan.