Late DOS/early Windows 640x480 flight sims

I’ve been trying to dig through my long flight sim backlog, so lately I’ve been trying to figure which flight sims (both air and space) from this era run in 640x480 resolution or better. For whatever reason I have found my eyes explode at 320x200 but I can handle 640x480 just fine, so I’m trying to determine which along the sims that have been long been on my list can run at higher resolutions. For example, I know Jane’s USNF, ATF, Longbow, TIE Fighter, all meet these criteria, while 1942 Pacific Air War, Tornado, TFX, Fleet Defender are all limited to 320x200. Who can help me flesh out this list more completely?

Hmmmm. I think EF2000 and Total Air War were 640x480 or something similar. Probably Rowan’s sims too (Flying Corps, Mig Alley, Battle of Britain).

There was a game/tool called Flight Simulator Toolkit. It would let you design flight sims. I think it ran at this resolution.

Yes, I know both EF2000 and TAW also have some modern upgrade/wrapper things.

Believe it or not, this is Falcon 4.0, which originally released in 1998. The sourcecode leaked in 2000 and modders have been hacking on it ever since. Pretty much everything was replaced except its legendarily accurate flight model. Search for “Falcon BMS”.

I believe European Air War ran at 640 too. A-10 Cuba is a fun early windows thing.

From my very limited experience of games not already mentionned, Flight Simulator 4, Digital Integration’s Apache Longbow and Hind, Jane’s Longbow and Flight Unlimited meet your requirement (I think Flight Unlimited can even go up to crazy resolutions in software rendering mode, like 1024x768). On the Mac, the Parsoft A-10 games and Graphic Simulations’ F-18 games supported variety of high resolution, so I can’t think the Windows version didn’t.
Ah yes, Red Baron 3D does too, but that game doesn’t work on Windows 7 (but will on 8.1).

1994 is effectively the cutoff date, except for remastered stuff like X-Wing that had remastered versions. 1995 is when the 640x4xx started really started showing up.

Aka the “UniVBE Era” that I miss and don’t miss at the same time.

That’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time.

Jetfighter, and Jetfighter 2? Not sure, but I remember those as being 95ish? They were both way more simplistic than Janes or Falcon, but they were fun to play. Ah…scratch that, google says 1990ish. Jetfighter 3 was 96, so maybe that one.

Jetfighter 3 was a sad end to Sublogic, basically a Novalogic spectacle-over-sim thing, another victim of trying to get casuals to enjoy flight sims.

As far as I remember, I played 2. I was so enamored of flight sims at the time, I don’t think it mattered much how good or bad it was lol. I remember JF2 being pretty simplistic, but it didn’t stop me from thinking it was amazing.

chasing down cruise missiles in an F-23 yeah that was awesome. Isn’t flight simulation stimulating? :D

Did you know flight sims still exist? :D

This thread seems like a rally roundabout way of cheating in the Game Frame Game thread. Did Schurem (again) post an image of obviously-a-flight-sim at 640x480, or something?

lol. i’m all out of 'em sadly.