League of Legends

This seems to be the other full DotA game being released. Has some of the DotA Allstars team working on it. I just signed up for the beta. I’d be curious to see if anyone could compare it to Demigod. Brad on the most recent Giant Bomb seemed pretty impressed with it.


Out of list date of player names here

Up to date list of player names soon, someday, maybe.

Some useful gameplay videos here for beginners

Turrets http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FrRaHcn8V7Y
Abilities http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nxbdDKxUmq8
Inhibitors http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oR-A1yxzVeo
Team Play http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gji8zykD9wc
Minions http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ITuakcMFu-o
Summoner http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f33WuTADTt0

I heard this on the Bombcast and he definitely got me interested!

They keep sending me screenshots and stuff that look vaguely interesting, but no way to tell without playing the game. I want in the beta already :( I signed up like 6 months ago.

Naming your game LOL seems risky.

It’s been done before.

JZigish: They keep sending me screenshots and stuff that look vaguely interesting, but no way to tell without playing the game. I want in the beta already :( I signed up like 6 months ago.

Me too… signed up in november, and the game is looking less and less like a game I would play- as it looks much like demigod but with that hardcore dota balancing that neutered the game for me aside from lan parties where we can properly balance teams.
I do love the arena air that they are putting around the game- and the promise of many heroes has me slightly optimistic…Or demigod could fill the void long before this game comes out, and maybe by the 4th quarter they will have solid information on more heroes and release to the public.

I am floored by the fact that this game is built using an engine that is not Warcraft III. It looks exactly like it. Even the environmental details like the torches and rocks look like they came straight from the WC3 editor.

So apparently this game is going to be free to play now a microtransaction model which always grabs my attention. From what I gather there are 2 currencies, one that you gain through playing and one you can buy. The one you can buy gives you superficial changes like player skins and whatnot. I also think you can buy stuff that makes you gather the experience currency faster. I’m always interested when companies try to employ this transaction model, but even moreso in this case where this is the first game made by this company and therefore I imagine is pretty make or break for them. Its coming out in September though so I am not sure how much of my game time I’ll be able to budget to it even with so many games being pushed to 2010.

just gave my 2 beta keys(which I asked for in november) to friends who seemed more interested: they play DOTA and heroes of newerth as well.

They say in the short windows the beta has been open it was a fun experience that is more laid back that the other two games- but then again they have only played around 3 hours total as the beta keeps opening and closing. there is no denying creep and the graphics are slightly better than WC3.

also: LOL does seem like a stupid thing to call a game-because noone is going to call it League of Legends. i can see people asking their friends if they have LOLed yet or want to LOL.

Who doesn’t want to LOL? Sociopaths who hate children, that’s who.

But yeah, having played this both at E3 and afterward has me thumbs +++ on League of Legends.

I just got into the Beta. Anyone else in it that wants to play a few games and possibly give some pointers to the new guy?

Am I the only one from here in the Beta?

I’m in beta and up to play at some point if people want to. I’ve been playing HoN instead of this for the most part though, mostly because of the stupid persistent summoner system and because no Qt3 people are in it. I’m happy to help you learn the DotA-and-its-clones ropes, though. :) This game’s learning curve is less glacial than HoN’s or DotA’s at least.

I can’t get into LOL after playing HON, interface and loading time for a game is abysmal for LOL compare to HON.

I got into the beta, played a couple games, and decided this is not for me. I can’t test a game I find fundamentally un-fun. If it were still an alpha, I could. Sorry, developers!

I’m in, but have only played a few games. HoN is my choice of poison for now, though…

Anyone have any beta invites for this? I really want to give it a try. I like the dota-like games, and personally I like the looks of LoL a lot.

I’m in the beta and have been for some time. If you came in through the big giveaway, you’re probably displeased because the games servers were slammed for quite some time after that promotion.

I’m working on an interview with the LoL developers, Riot Games and would love to ask you guys if theres any questions you may have about the game that I could ask.

Also, Chaplin, I have an invite if you still need it.

If anyone needs help in the game, let me know, I’m Vonnegut in LoL

what do they think about their competitor’s game HoN vs their own game.

That will be a question for sure. I’ve read a good bit from the dev team in the LoL forums about what they think, but I do want to find out specifically.