Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild


The new 1.3.1 patch on Switch adds an interesting feature.

There’s a “Tips from the Wild” news channel opening tomorrow, and certain articles within will have links that open the game and gift you items!


I decided to go kill Ganon over the weekend. After finding all the Shrines (I only needed a map to find the last one), farming 280 Koroks, finishing the Master Trials, and upgrading my Wild armor set to 4 stars, Ganon was kind of a pushover.

I recommend fighting him before upgrading all your gear to max if you want a challenge! Maybe Master Mode will be harder.


I HATE the controls/camera in all the tilt puzzles. How did this get through QA?

Also rain is super annoying when it just starts soon as you get to a shrine at top of plateau or similar.


So I bought a copy and started playing in the emulator with an Xbone controller, which all works perfectly. Not a bad looking game at 1440p.

Not sure why this game didn’t get a lot of press, it’s pretty great! I’m having a grand time, just left the plateau and wandering around killing purple goblin things. Not super story heavy, but they got exploration down cold.


You joking at the game not getting a lot of press?


Yes, yes I was.


Ok phew! :-D


The story gets stronger as you move on.

I never wrapped this one up… Splatoon 2 has taken over my Switch… I should revisit it!


Same here, so many hours played but still much left to do… and a bunch of new story content is not far off!

@stusser Wonder how the emulator handles the DLC? Or the patches?


The game is fully patched with all DLC. It downloads all that stuff direct from Nintendo. I paid for the physical game but obviously I couldn’t use that to actually play without a console.

Works great, 45-60fps at 1440p. More CPU dependent than GPU, as the Wii U has a seriously weak GPU.


Oh cool, so the emulator actually uses your Nintendo account? Pretty neat.

Works great, 45-60fps at 1440p.

Doesn’t that screw with the physics, which I understand were based on a 30fps lock? I guess PC modders would be hard at work to ‘fix’ that. :)

More CPU dependent than GPU, as the Wii U has a seriously weak GPU.

Well emulation usually takes a good amount of CPU power!

I’m temped by the higher res, but Switch portability sways me back. And can I convince myself that since I own the Switch version, I’m ‘entitled’ to download the Wii-U version? Hmm…


Yeah modders figured out how to unlock the framerate without messing up gameplay outside of shrines. It wasn’t a trivial thing, either.

Morality is relative, but as far as I’m concerned once you pay for a game once you’re entitled to run it on every platform from now until the heat death of the universe, when suns die down to cinders and the average temperature is absolute zero.


It… does not use your account.


I’m sure most know that under the Switch news section, Nintendo frequently post BOTW gameplay tips. These are usually fairly straightforward things like conserving stamina while climbing, using the firerod, and how to use the environment to cook. One neat thing I just heard about was that if you click the link on the tips page to open the game, Nintendo gives you some free items related to the tip that you just watched.

It’s a pretty cool way for Nintendo to incorporate the news section into their games.


I saw that just the other day alongside a tip that noted the Octorocks in the Death Mountain area will turn rusty weapons into perfectly good ones if you toss them into their mouths when they’re doing the inhaling thing!


Amazing that there’s still little mechanics and systems like this hidden away to discover!


It keeps me coming back to the game. I just saw this inspired move on Twitter:

Kotaku’s article about the video share Switch update contains some really great stuff.


Phew! Even with the new set of Amiibos releasing next month, I was expecting the second DLC pack to slip into 2018.

Nintendo detailed the second Breath of the Wild expansion at E3 in June, dubbing it the Champion’s Ballad, and promising a sizeable add-on adventure. But the company did not provide a release date during an expansive September online showcase of Nintendo’s holiday line-up, only providing a November 10 release date for a new array of Amiibo figures for the champion characters highlighted in the expansion. Asked if the Amiibo release dates indicated the date for the expansion as well, Fils-Aime said: “We will shortly be announcing the date for that content, so I would not lock and load on November 10th.”


So I finally got to play this, because I was finally able to buy a Nintendo Switch.

This game, as far as I’ve seen so far in my 12 or so hours of playing it, is a masterpiece. Captures the magic of Ocarina of time somehow. I’ve played and enjoyed multiple zelda titles since that one, but this is the first one that’s really amazed me in the same way.

Well done, Nintendo.


This is my feeling exactly after beating the first of the four main dungeons. Amazing game, and extremely non-derivative, which lately was very common in the franchise.

My GOTY so far hands down.