Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild


In addition to what @DaveLong said, often the areas where there are “trash mobs” there is treasure, and treasure is usually based on the world state, meaning as the game progresses and enemies are more powerful and better armed, so too will treasure be “leveled” with you. I’ve gotten more than a few amazing weapons from chests, in addition to crafting materials from defeating the enemies guarding it.


Link gets a motorcycle!


Tonight no less!


That looks awesome!


I can’t wait to try it! It’s taking a while to download though (2.5GB according to the eshop). :(


So how do you download this thing? I have it purchased but not getting and update prompt or anything.


Highlight the icon on home screen and press “+” on controller for options, then “Software Update”, and “Via the Internet”.


May the lord bless you on your trials ahead.



Link gets a dirt bike? Are you kidding me? I’m gonna do some sick stunts…

I want a Dirt Bike Link Amiibo


I started the Champions Ballad tonight. It is excellent so far although I did hit a bug where the things that should appear when you beat groups of enemies were not appearing. I found others with the same problem on the Intarwebs though it doesn’t seem widespread.

Anyway, it was easily fixed by closing and restarting the game.


As part of Polygon’s year in review, Ken Levine wrote an excellent article explaining how Breath of the Wild successfully breaks tradition, and why it’s a masterpiece.

Also, in March 2017, and clearly still in the honeymoon phase, Levine participated in a developer-centric round table about Zelda for Game Informer, in case folks missed it.


Am maybe halfway through, but I’ve nothing but love for BOTW.

I guess there is a divide on motion controls. For me, they absolutely save my ass on shooting arrows, etc. So much better.

But I may be a motion control savant. I’ve seen a lot of people complain about a ball and maze motion control shrine and it took me 2 tries and about 3 minutes total.

And I am endlessly having great fun in exploring the world. Crazy stuff happens all the time.


Try it undocked.


They worked fine on WiiU, the superior experience. 🏆


Ooooh, is that the issue? Think I did beat it using the pro controller.

Aiming is fine with the Switch undocked, but maybe that puzzle isn’t. I certainly had to tilt the controller more than I do when aiming.


I’d agree - motion control puzzles weren’t an issue with pro-controller, and I didn’t hear any complaints from my kids who tend to favor dual-joycon play.


Agreed - the pro controller negates this issue almost entirely, I whipped through any motion control related puzzles (but turned it off for aiming because it was making miss my shots more often than not as I wasn’t using it) without problem, and would just re-dock when one came up.

That said, I only remember 3 or so puzzles that used motion control, and only 1 gave me a hard time for a bit, but all were doable. The one I had a hard time on I discovered you could flip the board upside down and that made it a LOT easier!


I have almost convinced myself to get this. Planning on sleeping on it for a night or two to see if my interest wanes. I’ve never liked any Zelda game I’ve played except the first one (but I play as Link in Smash Bros., so there’s that). Granted, this only includes the first one, the SNES one, and Ocarina of Time, so it’s been a while. A combination of its hype, its open-world, and the fact that I’ve read some stuff about a backlash against it from hardcore Zelda fans makes me think BotW might just be the right Zelda game for me. I’m reading through the thread looking for criticisms of it, so if anyone has soured on it since their initial impression I would love to hear why. Note I do not care about Zelda lore (if it has one) or a great story, I mostly just want solid gameplay and the thrill of exploration. I think I’m okay with the weapon degradation too. I’m a little concerned about its washed-out art style, but I might grow to appreciate it. However, the only Zelda game I remember looking good was Wind Waker, so I figure that’s not a main source of the franchise’s appeal anyway.


I bounced off the first time, after 20 hours or more, but now I’m 60+ hours into a second run and it’s easily my favorite game of all time. A lot of he thrill of the game is in small nuances and details related to exploration of the land, characters, weapons, etc. that you simply will skip by if you approach it with the traditional RPG mindset of following the main quest. Follow the main quest until you have the Camera, but then, just go explore. Find shrines, try different cooking, do some side quests, go to the remote small islands you see in the distance…

The game is huge in many ways and to me, it is absolutely wonderful. You won’t drown in story, but the narrative there is very well executed and is discovered through exploration. I don’t know diddly about Zelda lore and I don’t really need to to enjoy it. Weapon degradation isn’t really an issue; just a reason to keep exploring new areas.

I strongly recommending giving the game a chance. Just don’t try to power through. Lift every rock, explore every tree, get lost, and wallow in it.

p.s. The sound design is amazing.