Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past: Murtaugh v. Ganon

Link trudges south across a beige flatland, his shield hoisted. Scuttling about him are Octoroks, red cephalopods with a cannon maw that identifies them as cross-catalogue cousins to Mario’s Birdo. The Hero of Hyrule draws his sword and prepares to join battle. Before he does, a greenish gray smog descends over the land. The heroic music chokes and stutters. My older brother and I moan. Our Hyrule is buggy, prone to armageddons of corrupted data. My brother yanks the cartridge from the NES and blows on the circuitboard like he’s playing harmonica, then slots it back in. I watch eagerly, waiting for Hyrule to return.

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I didn't actually completely Ocarina of Time (at least not on my own cartridge, which I left midway through the Water Temple) until sometime around 2004 or 2005.

I've found that a great way to rekindle a love of gaming when time is in thin supply, is to revisit old favorites (such as A Link to the Past, which I've only just now realized is a pun; I guess that's what I get for having grown up with the title) which don't involve a huge investment of time just to learn the game mechanics.

Link to the Past is actually one of the first games I did finish. It cemented my love of the Legend of Zelda series - best of luck on this trip through.

Link to the Past, apropo title there.

The most time I've spent wedded to a portable device - I believe my AdvanceSP and I put 46 hours in over the few months I took to get through it. Looking forward to the posts.