Legendary Gets Film/TV Rights to Dune

Seems like Herbert’s note taking wasn’t as good as Tolkien’s…


As Gurney Halleck

Noooooo… we need P-Stew to reprise his role!

Now they have a Khal Drogo

Can’t wait for the Arrakis haka.

Stilgar or get out.

Do not stomp your feet in unison or you will attract the worm!

Good call. Though he might be able to pull off a Duncan Idaho, too.

Too water fat for a Freman.

Dave Bautista would make a good Beast Raban.
Has that been confirmed?


The cast looks cool except for Paul, I don’t like that face, he looks 15. I’m not old, they are too young.

Baron Harkonnen. Yes he’s a good bad guy.


Lady Jessica - yes.


Reverend Mother: Yes, she plays scary well.

But Paul is 15 in the first book!


In case no one saw this surprising casting news:

I was trying to think of of someone to play Irulan and Saoirse Ronan instantly locked in as perfect casting.

OMG I laughed soooo hard at that headline.

Maybe he could re-use his Dark Knight voice too. “WHERE’S THE SPICE?!?!”

So disappointed in Bale. Everyone know’s that a full size sandworm weighs like 100M+ tons. 450K pounds is like a small juvenile. He can do better. Hell, Chuck did better.