Let Us Argue About Food. Be Nice.

First of all,what the chart calls “Philly”, real pizza afficionados (New Yorkers) recognize as Neopolitan.

Second, can we discuss Mexican pizza? The Hawaiian Ruth ordered a while back had maraschino cherries. Weird, but not terrible.

Oh, I may live in the MidWest but my pizza tastes were developed well before I settled here. Honestly, when I think pizza, the default in my head is Papa Murphy’s take-and-bake, not any regional variety.

I’ll reiterate what I wrote in the other thread: Chicago deep dish is not pizza. It’s good. Damn tasty, in fact. But stop insisting that it’s pizza when it’s clearly not.


The best pizza toppings are pineapple, pepperoni and jalapeños (the three p’s)

I think you are in the wrong thread. Try Things you should never, under any circumstances, ingest but are technically food

Now I would not call them the best, I can dig the combination.

Personally there is an Italian beef pizza with giardiniera that a few places back home made. One by my old work made terrific Italian beef pizza. That’s not nessecarially my favorite, but it was absolutely one I would get whenever the opportunity presented.

Cold pizza is good for a sex toy.

I had good pizza in Chicago, but it was thin-crust.

There is a kind of pizza here in Oregon that I never see cataloged along side other regional types. In my family we always called it “red crust” pizza, but I’ve also occasionally seen it described as “Northwest style” in menus.

Here’s some photos:

It’s sauced to the edge, has a cracker crisp bottom, but the top of the crust bubbles up and separates from the base as a chewy top layer. Done well it is divine.

Yup. A good NY-style slice is as close as American pizza generally gets to an Italian Neopolitan-style pizza. The more foldable quality generally comes from the pies being bigger than an Italian pizza (which you can also fold), but the texture and thickness are pretty close to the Italian one.

It shouldn’t be soggy when it’s fresh.

AKA the phenomenon that occurs every time I eat pizza from [YOUR FAVORITE CITY].

I know. It shouldn’t be good, it doesn’t make sense. I was skeptical when I first tried it. But it’s damned delicious.

Look - I’m a NY style pizza person. I grew up in Central Jersey, just outside the city. There were dozens of small hole in the wall pizza joints in my town, with the pizzeria up front, and the traditional Italian restaurant in back behind a curtain. I’m fairly certain at least half of them were fronts for mob activity, because otherwise I have no idea how they stayed in business. Universally, they were amazing.

Then I moved to Illinois, and after like forty million years, my wife finally got me to try Chicago style pizza. And … it was good. Maybe it’s not what I mean when I say the word “pizza”, but damn it is tasty.

So I’m open to new pizza adventures. Which is why I know St. Louis style is garbage, but Pi is great. And I should correct my earlier post; it’s cornMEAL crust, not cornBREAD. But it’s still amazing.

Dang that looks good.

He’s wrong, but wonderful in how he goes about it.

You’re saying Jon Stewart is…wrong?

I’ve only had pizza once in Tokyo.

It wasn’t very good. Basically zero to no tomato sauce. Just dull dough with their staple horrid cheese-like substance.


You put the olive oil on the bread.

You have already chopped the shit out of some garlic. Good job. Put that shit all over the olive oil and bread.

Salt. Pepper. Whatever. Just smear that shit around. And the garlic? Fuck yeah, the garlic.

Cheese, duh. No, asshole. Slow your roll.

Now you put the things on. I don’t know. Maybe you have a local butcher you like. Fuck yeah, he knows the sausage situation. Get that. Or maybe you’re not Mister Fucking Red Meat. That’s okay too.

You wanna put on some roasted chicken you pulled off a fucking bone? Hell yeah, you put that shit right on there. Little tofu? You marinated it, right? Dope. Slap it on. Straight up “fuck meat” like all this societal bullshit is terrible? Hell yeah, I don’t give a fuck, put some broccoli and onions all over it.

You know what? Put some broccoli and onion all over it anyway. Them shits: Delicious.

Okay, we’ve gotten our shit mostly together. We have a crust (dope). We have some toppings (also dope). We don’t have a bunch of fucking tomatoes and sugar, aka American pizza sauce, because we are not monsters. Awesome.

We just have some bread, olive oil, garlic, and toppings.

Finally, yes, it’s time for some cheese.

Fuck yeah, cheese. You think it sucks to be an American? It fucking does not. Cheese is awesome. Mozzarella? Fuck you, it’s American. Cheddar? American as fuck. Parmesan? Hell yeah.

Just drop whatever you like on top of your pie. Cheese fucking rules. Good job.

Bake it. Bake the shit out of it. You want me to tell you how to oven? Fuck you. Like 425 until whatever. Try not to light your house on fire.

20 minutes later: You’re fucking welcome. So good. Pizza fucking rules.

I have to admit, Adam, that that does sound amazing.

It has sauce. Not sure why you think it doesn’t. The sauce is part of the taste.

Well, I don’t think Pi is that great.

You can find all different kinds of pizza in St. Louis, from very thin to stuff like Pi and plenty in-between. There are a lot of authentic Italian restaurants that serve good pizza and quite a few pizzerias with a distinctive taste.

It’s just that Imo’s is what people refer to when they talk about a St. Louis style pizza. I like it but I like other local pizzas too.