Let's all put Dirt on Ignore!

I’ve never used Ignore before, but the time has come. My fellow Qt3ans, I exhort you to join together with me in the struggle against inanity.

What did he do this time?

I wish I was so cool that I got my own thread dedicated just to me.

Just be sorta lame and post a LOT and it’ll happen for you too, grasshopper.

I’m steadily working toward that goal myself.


Is this like reverse attention whoring?

Is the chick holding Dirt up this time while she bewedgies herself?

In the past, I have avoided using Ignore. I’ve rationalized it by saying that I want to be able to respond to particularly bad posts – and that I hold out hope for unexpected good ones.

But in the first minutes of my Dirt-Ignoring, I have realized that “this user is on your ignore list” is more entertaining and interesting than any post Dirt makes.

I like Dirt. :(


I could live without the retarded threads and boring posts about nothing, but the intra-Asian racism posts always crack me up.

Could you please put me on your ignore list too?

You don’t even have to post a thread about it; when I never see a Unicorn McGriddle response to anything I post, ever again, I’ll get the message. :)

No, I like seeing your posts, Rogen, because they’re informative reminder of how stupid someone has to be to support Ron Paul.

Me too.

edit: most of the time

Yeah, Dirt’s worth having around. Besides, the way to get rid of Dirt is to stop acknowledging him and feeding him attention, something QT3 is quite clearly incapable of doing.

This kind of personal pissing match makes everyone involved look bad.

They do that to me all the time.

Secretly, I weep…

Well, not anymore.

If you want people to notice you, you either have to be really interesting or really stupid. I’ll give you one guess which one is easier.

First they came for the Dirts, and I said nothing.

Next they came for the Rogens, and I said nothing.

It sounds too easy. Forums abhor a vacuum.

I’d like to vacuum a whore…IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.