Let's complain about our bodies

Super easy!

You steep one bag in hot water like you would for regular tea. At least a few minutes, but sometimes I leave it much longer. Pour the tea into a pitcher and add water (one gallon total for me). Add whatever mio/Crystal light you want (I use lemonade, blackberry lemonade, and strawberry lemonade, but you can use whatever you like in whatever amounts suit you as far as taste and sweetness).

I make a gallon up before bed every night, so it is cold the next morning and I don’t have to worry about adding a ton of ice to chill it.

I should mention that drinking that much liquid every day takes some getting used to. It will probably seem pretty difficult at first. You will also make more frequent trips to the bathroom than you are used to, so keep that in mind.

Ok this is not cool at all. I’m still in hospital for kidney stone, but they’ve run out of time for me to pass it, so this is what they’re going to do:

Go through my urethra, bladder and up into the ureter with a scope, then try to take stone out with a basket, or laser it to chunk it out. But if it won’t fit out normally they’re going to add a stent that runs from the ureter to my bladder, which also has a STRING that will run from my bladder out my penis. After the stone passes, I will have to pull the string to yank the entire stent assembly out. This sounds horrible.

That does indeed sound horrible. Fortunately I passed mine on my own. VERY glad I didn’t have to do stuff like that.

Maybe I can cheer you up a bit. After I was hit by a car, I was in the hospital for several surgeries. I had a catheter in for a couple of months. The finally yanked it out like starting a lawnmower. But I digress.

Eventually I need to pee. So I stagger into the bathroom pushing my IV stand. Get the hog out and let go.


My dick farts. For a long time. I finally pee and immediately signal for a nurse. As I describe what happened she is obviously trying not to laugh. Sometimes a catheter can introduce air into the bladder. I was not amused.

fwiw that made me laugh @RichVR. Thank you for sharing your pain.

Dick Fart – that will be the hero of the detective novel I will never write!

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I’m sorry you’re going through more hell in your life, jp. I do just want to say that this particular letter mess made me lol.

Ya that sucks. My 14 year old had a kidney stone on Thanksgiving last year. ER and a few hours later it passed…but I’ve never seen her in pain like that…scared the heck out of me. Good luck…stay safe.

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Dang, that’s even more dramatic than the walrus. Get better, Jeff!

Whew awake and mostly myself again. Talked to my nurse who said they got the stone out, but still decided on a lengthy stent in that covers the entire tube from bladder to the kidney. Not sure why they felt the need to do that unless there’s some damage to the tube from doing this procedure .

Congrats on getting that monster out of you.

Thanks, just got to this new monster out me.

I am glad you are doing better and I hope you didn’t send out any important e-mails or texts several hours ago. You may have some explaining to do. :)

4:00 am and power went out. I need pain medicine and help, press call button and nothing happens. So have to half crawl along rye wall out my room to get to nurses desk who had no idea anything was wrong.

Now I have nothing to take into distract from pain. Phone charge down to 20% charge in pitch black room.

Hang in there man.

They were running a generator test and it failed locking up half the hall. They finally got power back and then they did the test again! Knocked the power out for another hour. That does not seem like a smart thing to do in hospital environment?

Sitting in pitch black hospital room with no contact with outside nurses is freaky. Like being in a horror movie.

Hang in there, fellow Jeff!

But if you get too bored, just let out a long and loud “Braaaaaiiiiiinnnnnsss” and see if you get any reaction.

Wow, what an ordeal. Stay strong, man!

Possible bright side: next time you go through airport security and the metal detector beeps you’ve got a great story to tell the agent!