Let's Watch the Trailer

I was just watching a video on Youtube about how much modern trailers suck. Fact is, for the most part, they’ve always sucked. But there are a handful that break the mold, and are great little features on their own. I’ll post my two favorites, you guys fill in the rest.

Classic for me:

I was always partial to The Shining. Mostly because it gave me nightmares.

I’ve always been fascinated by how terrible the original Star Wars trailer was. Why did anyone go see this movie?

People complain about modern trailers giving ‘too much away’ but I’ve seen old B&W ones that basically provide an entire plot synopsis with the hook “you won’t believe what happens in the thrilling conclusion.” I should hope so, seeing as how I know how the first 90% is going to play out. TCM used to run them before the film.

A couple of favorites I can remember. Sorry to retread both Orson and Kubrick. I don’t know, it’s almost like those guys were good at filmmaking or something.

They… don’t suck?

Geez that Star Wars movie looks terrible!

This trailer aired on prime time TV in the 1970s and scared the bejeesus out of me, and every other kid I knew:

You picked two movies that are over 20 years old.

And that Matrix trailer does show basically every action sequence in the entire movie (I know because I saw the theatrical rerelease a on Tuesday, which was fucking awesome). When I was in college, that trailer excited me (a lot), but if I saw it now, I would be furious.

I’ve always loved this one. I love the cigarette bit.

Wow that Revenant trailer is near perfect.

I still hold Atomic Blonde’s red band as one of the best trailers to entice me to want to see the movie

I love the trailer for A Serious Man:

And because I genuinely love a good trailer:

The Nightcrawler teaser:

The Comic Con trailer for Fury Road was the best one they cut and I need to go rewatch it right now:

And Alien, which is just staggeringly good:

I think the trailer for the Black & Chrome edition is still my favorite:

That was so good. Now I’ll have to track down that whole crazy movie.

I love the part in the trailer where you’re expecting the narrator to say that she’s a Female James Bond, but instead he says she’s a female Julius Caeser or a female Genghis Khan.

I gotta go with The Turin Horse. You’re not in Hollywood anymore.

I’ve always thought the 2012 trailer was just unbelievably awesome for the callback. (Of course, as an ad, I guess it’s no good, because I never saw the movie…)